Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fun Times

It was a crazy fun weekend. It all started Thursday night, with Tarra picking me and a friend of ours up from work, to head out to Inavale to walk her cross country course. After walking around it once we headed home since we were going to be up early on Friday. Friday morning we pulled out of the barn at 6:45am and she had her dressage test at 8:30. They were tied for first with a 30. Cross country was around 12:30 and it went well also, aside from them getting a bit lost up in the woods. They ended up with several time faults do to the detour but otherwise jumped clear. It was in the 90's and by the time we had finished cooling him out and headed for home I was not feeling well. I had a headache and felt a little bit nauseous. I hate that feeling. Thankfully after a nap, ibuprofen, and snacking a little bit I felt much better.

Saturday morning we headed back out to Inavale at 9:30am. We were able to watch most of the Intermediate competitors and some Training level as well. Stadium for BN started at 3 with Tarra riding at 4:15. They went double clear and ended up placing 7th. We all handled the heat a little bit better, even though it was still pretty hot. We made sure to eat and drink and that made a big difference.

The adorable Mystic and Tarra
Today, after church, Erica, Tarra and I, headed down to see Emi. She is SUCH a love sponge. She was laying down when we got out to the pasture but as soon as she realized we were there, she hopped right up and came over. We spent a lot of time just petting her and visiting. She made the rounds to everyone and would wander away with her mom for a few minutes before coming right back. She hardly ran around at all while we were there, but it was in the 90's again today. Not the perfect weather for running around. We hung out with her for a little over an hour before declaring it was too hot to sit in a sunny pasture any longer.

Noticing she had company 
More photos on facebook.
Also, here's a short video from today. She whinnied at us 3 or 4 times. She thinks we are great playmates!


  1. Emi is such a beautiful baby girl, you must be one proud momma!

  2. Getting to see her grow up and bond with her is so invaluable. Aren't Cob babies the most people-oriented things you've ever seen? I love the picture Cynthia posted of her "holding court"!

    1. Yes, if she is any indication of a normal Cob baby, she is amazingly friendly. Her breeder says she is one of the friendliest foals to ever be born on her farm. She was hapy to leave her mom and come play with us.

  3. Emi is so adorable! It sounds like you had a wonderful, if warm, horse filled weekend :)

  4. What lovely pictures!!!

    Love the newest little miss :)

  5. Baby in a fly mask is about the cutest thing ever.


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