Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saucy Sassy

I took Roz for a nice ride tonight. Each time I take him out, we venture further down the road. We went a little over a mile tonight. He's totally game and loves to go out. There's a wide grassy shoulder along a fairly large portion of the road we live on. Roz is pretty road broke, from being ridden along the road for a couple of years with the girl who leased him. The most most challenging part of our ride was two very low hanging trees. I scraped under the first one but I ended up dismounting under the second one as I saw that my head was going to get taken off. Sadly is scratched my saddle. On the way back through, we went under the tree the other way and it was a bit easier (and I was able to stay mounted).

Once we got back on our driveway I asked Roz to trot. I haven't really trotted him much in his hoof boots and I really wasn't sure how he would feel. I was pleasantly surprised when after a couple slightly uneven steps he kicked in to gear and trotted like he hadn't had a lame day in his life. Yah! I was so happy with how great he felt. It's a slight hill heading up and he felt great behind too! We got about half way up the hill and he started tossing his head like a sassy boy. I think he was feeling good! We are heading to the beach on Saturday. I can't wait to play with him in the sand, although after tonight I think he definitely might be a handful (at least to start).

The grassy area alongside the road. It was a beautiful night. 

This photo was taken last night, while I was holding my nephew, Finley. He thinks my dad is really funny. 
I had an awesome ride on Gator last night. He felt really good and was super forward. I practiced some two point which I haven't done much of lately. It definitely got better as I found my balance in it again. I've been riding mostly dressage for several years now but it felt good to shorten my stirrups and get up off his back. I think he enjoyed it too. I was finally able to get him more soft and supple also. We did some shallow loops, and 3 loop serpentines and he felt really nice by the time we finished up.

I heard today that Cobie may be a little bit muscle sore. His owner couldn't find anything else wrong with him and it sounds like he looks better than he did on Friday night.


  1. Sounds like you had some excellent rides!

  2. Your hair has gotten so much longer! I'm glad you've had some nice rides!

  3. Thanks! It doesn't seem to be growing that quickly to me...but everyone else who doesn't see it as often thinks it's doing pretty well. :)


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