Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby Shower

It's been a while since I posted last, so get ready for a long one. At first there was nothing to post about, and then I've been so super busy I haven't had time to post. I'm not sure where to start!

I've been getting at least 3 rides a week in on Roz and he is doing well. He's been very frisky and seems totally happy to be out and about. I'm loving riding him consistently again. Saturday I walked him around the fields at NDF before taking him in to the arena and putting him on the lunge line to watch him go. He was definitely rushing a bit at the trot and full of bucks when cantering (video). I did less than 10 minutes on the lunge line and maybe another 5-10 minutes riding before calling it quits. I'm trying to be very mindful of how long I'm working him since I don't want to make him super sore. Tonight we went for a walk around our farm with me bareback. He felt great and was so happy to be out and about.
Saturday morning
After our ride tonight
On the Emi front, I had decided that I wasn't going to get to see her this weekend. She and her mom were a little over an hour north of where I live. They were at a vet's farm, while Chloe got re-bred. The plan kept changing, since earlier on in the week they weren't sure when Chloe and Emi would be able to go home. Tarra made plans to ride with me at 4pm on Sunday. She wanted me to get updated tape of her riding Tolo. Saturday I asked if we could push our ride time back so that I could go visit Emi after church as it looked like the would be home. I convinced her to do 4:30 instead of 4pm. 

Well Sunday morning I received a message from Chloe's owner, Cindy, that they weren't quite ready to be picked up yet, so she wouldn't be home at 1pm (when I planned to visit). I texted Tarra asking if we could ride earlier or just cancel for the day, so that I could go visit Emi later in the day. I didn't get a response so I called her. I asked if we really had to be at the barn at 4pm. Her response was yes, because I'm trying to plan you a surprise baby shower!!! Oops!

I called Cindy and let her know that it just wasn't going to work. She offered to pick me up at the Interstate, and take me up with her to pick up the girls! It all worked out and we made it up and back in time for me to make it to my not so surprise baby shower. I told Tarra she should have told Cindy so that she would have just told me it wasn't going to work for me to see Emi. Regardless, it was surprise when she told me why I was required to be at the barn. 

Emi was laying down when we got there but hopped right up to say "hi." She absolutely loves being scratched. I really hope it translates in to a horse that loves being groomed. Roz tolerates being groomed, but is definitely a thin skinned thoroughbred. It will be awesome to have a horse who enjoys playing beauty parlor. We hung out with her for a while before loading up for the trip home. When Cindy stopped to let me off at my car, we peeked in to the trailer and Emi whinnied at us. Too cute! She's filling out and growing taller. She's 3 weeks old. Next week she will get her first hoof trim and be dewormed. 

The cutest lips ever! 
Isn't she getting chunky?
Don't stop scratching!

After visiting Emi I rushed off to the barn for our baby shower. It was so sweet! We had an adorable cake and there were sweet pictures on the table as decorations. It was a mix of barn friends and other friends, who happen to be horsey people. 

We had pizza and played games. The first game was about "poop," since now I will have even more to pick up. April had melted all sorts of candy bars in the microwave and put them in crushed up graham cracker for shavings. We had to guess what kind of candy bar each was. I think I only got one right, and it was a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. My dad got 3 right and was the winner. The next game was the Price is Right, horse version. Tarra had looked up several items that I will need for Emi and wanted us to guess the price. As each round went by the person who's guess was the furthest away from the correct price, was out. April and I were the final 2 contestants, and April won. Items included; Laser Sheen, a saddle pad, Micklem bridle, a grazing muzzle, a sparkly browband, etc.

We also got all sorts of fun gifts! New brushes, an adorable navy and flower patterned halter, a halter/bridle tag, a big horse soccer ball, treats, lead ropes, and scrapbooking supplies. I am so blessed with sweet, thoughtful friends. It really made my day! One thing is for sure, Emi is already very well loved.


  1. The shower is such a fun idea!

  2. You have such sweet friends, what a great idea to do a baby shower for you.

  3. That's very fun! Sounds like you have wonderful friends!

  4. how wonderful! I know my best friend said when I get a puppy she's going to throw me a shower :)

  5. This is awesome, I saw the pictures on facebook,glad that you had a good time you and Emi are going to make a great team


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