Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crash & Burn

Well my day did not go as planned. My dog, Annie, is sick. She came out of her kennel hunched up and acting painful. She is super food motivated, but instead of eating like she normally does, she whined, came over to me, and then went back to her food and starting slowly eating. Ugh. A trip to the vet was definitely in order. I couldn't tell if it was a stomach issue or maybe her back? The vet clinic opened up at 10am, so I called right at 10. We made an appointment for 11:40. There was nothing really obvious on exam, although her spine seemed fine. We opted to take radiographs and I left her there for a while. I got a call a couple of hours later, "it looks like she's been eating a lot of crap." That's definitely not surprising since she's always in to something. Whether it's grain, bird seed, or anything else that could be slightly edible. It doesn't really matter how well you watch her. If you turn your back for a minute, she's off! Now we just have to hope that what she ate passes through with out trouble. She's got some medicine, is supposed to be getting pumpkin for extra fiber, and we'll see what happens. She was perky when I picked her up from the vet clinic and we stopped at Petco on our way home. She ate her dinner well tonight, and was acting like her normal self.

Looking pathetic at the clinic. 
A naughty, naughty dog....

Still looking so sad....
But a shopping trip will cheer any girl up! 
"I'm all better mom!"
I was planning to go to Devonwood to watch a daughter of Cardi compete, and also to watch the musical freestyles. By the time I got home from vet, it was 3 hours after I planned to leave. I opted to go ride Roz instead since I'd already missed half of what I wanted to watch. I took him up to the barn and we hacked around the fields for a mile and a half. Then I took him in to the arena, and was going to lunge him. As soon as I put him out on the lunge line he tried to take off bucking. I tried doing several walk/trot/walk transitions but I was really having to get after him, and I was keeping him on a small circle. I finally decided I'd just let him go, as he appeared to have some big bucks just begging to be let out. I let him go and this is what he did! Yikes!!! I hope that he feels okay in the morning. He walked out fine afterwards and just has a small abrasion right above his right hind hoof. Apparently he didn't realize he was going faster than his legs could keep up!

Today is Emi's 1 month birthday. I'm hopefully going to visit with her tomorrow. I'm going to take her pink soccer ball with me. It will be fun to see what she thinks.


  1. Lucy did that once, during one of her tirades in the indoor. Same scenario; she had been wild on the lunge so I let her go to get the kinks out. She totally WIPED OUT and I was just standing there like, WHAT?! She was a bit sore the next day but judging from the way he pranced off after he got back up, I don't think he did anything serious to himself except hurt his ego lol.

  2. Best wishes for Annie. That sounds pretty scary.

  3. Hope your pups alright. Roz is a nut... Glad he didn't more seriously hurt himself.

  4. Oh my!! That fall did not deter him one bit. Hope your dog is feeling better :)


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