Saturday, July 6, 2013

Filling Out

Today was a busy day. It started out by hauling Roz up to NDF for a ride. I had Gator to ride also. Tarra and I started with Gator and Mystic. Gator felt great and we had one of our best rides since I returned to riding him this spring. Roz was up next and he was good too. He's it a hard stage right now because he's out of shape, so I'm trying to not ask too much. He has his head up, then he will dump down on his forehand before throwing his head back up in to the air. I think Tuesdays ride we will be doing lots of transitions...or as many transitions as you can do in 10-15 minutes of light work. He really really wanted to fling his head around at the canter, and threaten to buck. He's such a goofy boy and is definitely feeling good.

Saying hi to Tolo. 
Talking to Pants
Then this afternoon I hopped in the car and headed to see Emi. She is 2 weeks and 2 days old today. It's amazing how much she changes every time I go out to see her. She's starting to fill out and I noticed more muscling too. She trotted right over when we went out to the pasture, and was happy to get petted. We did a leading lesson and she's definitely improving. She was easy to halter and for the most part walked along pretty easily with me. We did 5 minutes (or less) of that before letting her go. I also picked up all 4 hoofs with no issues.

Earlier in the day she was hauled to the vet with Chloe, so that Chloe could get her teeth done. Apparently she followed Chloe right into the trailer. Then once they were unloading at the clinic, Emi hopped out of the trailer, turned around and hopped right back in! Hopefully trailering will be a breeze with this girl!


  1. Its good to get them desensitized so early

  2. She sounds so perfect! Love that you are working with her in small steps to get her used to everything.

  3. I'm hoping to give her a very ideal upbringing, although I actually don't have a lot of baby experience. Although she's quite cute now, she's going to grow into a horse, and needs to be well mannered. I don't want to create a monster. :)

  4. Glad your rides went well :) Emi is gorgeous!! So cute.

  5. So great you can spend all this time with her when she's so little : )


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