Sunday, July 28, 2013

First Bath

I got to go visit Miss Emi yesterday. We practiced leading again and she was awesome! Definitely the best yet. We gave her, her first bath. It was just a sponge bath, but it was a good experience for her. I don't have any photos of the bath itself since it took both sets of hands to get it done. She wasn't super thrilled about it but she was pretty well behaved. She did quite a bit of backing up to get away but we got smart and planted her bum up against her momma. I sponged her face and finished by pouring the rest of the water on her back. We thought she might be a little wild when we let her go but she really wasn't. 
I think she's growing really nicely! She's bulking up and looking a lot more like a cob. We measured her and she's 10.1hh at 5 weeks. 
For comparison, the top photo was in her first week, and the bottom one was taken Saturday. I can't wait until I'm riding that trot! She's getting her first hoof trim this week. 
Kind of naughty but oh so cute. She tried a bit of nibbling this weekend but I got after her for it right away. 
Video of her following me around. 
Sticking her lip out a mile....those wither scratches feel so good!
The precious girl
 If you haven't voted for her yet, there's still time. The Equine Legal Solutions Photo Contest is open through Wednesday. I wish she would have been a little bit older when entries were due because I think the ball photos really show a lot of her personality, but I didn't have them in time. Anyway, she's still adorable at 3 days old and we all know she has tons of personality.

Today Tarra and I took Mystic and Roz on a trail ride. I use Map My Run to keep track of our rides and we went 4 miles. Our trails are very hilly and rocky, which isn't the best combo, but it's better than nothing. Roz really likes going out on the trails and he's a good trail horse.
When we got back to the barn I rode Cobie. Our ride started out less than stellar. He likes to give his best impression of a llama, with his neck up and head sucked back. He was bouncing around in the contact and taking little choppy steps. I booted him forward several times and was firm with the contact. Once I got through to him our ride totally changed. He was great in the contact and stayed on the bit easily. We worked on his leg yields, shoulder-in, haunches-in, transitions with in gates, and between gates. Our ride finished on a great note and I'm hoping we will start a little further ahead tomorrow. 
Cobie saying "hi" to Roz after our ride. 
Last night I introduced Roz to Emi's ball. He was not thrilled. Today I kicked it around the pasture after him for a little bit. He definitely doesn't like it, although I don't think he's really all that scared. I have it in his stall, right by his grain dish so he's been eating by it. He just doesn't like that it can move. Haha. I told him his sister is more brave than he is! 
He's keep an eye on it....
Trotting away from me and the ball.


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    1. I know. It's crazy! I can't wait until I get to ride it. :)

  2. I can't get over how quickly she's growing up. She's already so fancy even in this baby stage. She is going to be a reallllly nice riding horse :) :)

    1. Thank you. I hope she turns out fancy but really I just want her to be a solid citizen.

  3. Lots of good things to report – and your hair is looking so cute!

    1. Thank you. It's slowly growing...


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