Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hard to Catch

Today was a beach day! I got Roz started on his grain while I gathered up a few things for our trip. He finished eating and was standing by the gate to the pasture. Normally by the time his grain is done I've opened it up so he can head straight out to the field to eat his hay. He wasn't very thrilled that I messed with his routine and he started throwing a fit, running around his paddock. We had about 20 minutes before I planned to leave so I decided that I'd go ahead and let him out. I figured worst case he could run off a little steam. First he went out and rolled, before running around a bit. I went back in to the barn to finish up and grab his halter. As soon as I came back out with his halter he decided he did not want to be caught and put on a pretty good show. He stopped by me several times and acted like he was ready to be caught, but would spin away when I'd make a move to halter him. Naughty, naughty, pony.

But...he redeemed himself on the beach. We went with a friend who hadn't ever gone before. Her horse was really not a fan of the beach and ended up melting down. Roz was totally unfazed. The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed riding around for a while. Then I traded with Kellie and held her horse while she rode Roz. She hadn't ever ridden him before but they did great. I was so proud of how good he was despite having very anxious company. He's with Kellie in the first two photos. 

Such a handsome boy!

Then I was checking Ebay when I got home and I found a Micklem Multi-bridle for sale, as a buy it now item. It was priced at $120 but I made an offer of $100 and they accepted. I'm so excited to get it!


  1. I want to ride on the beach! Congrats on the eBay steal! I bought a brand new Edgewood (tags on) for $110 last summer and felt like I won the lotto ;)
    Hope roz likes it.

  2. That's a great deal on the Micklem. That's actually what the manufacturer sells them for wholesale.

  3. So fun. It's a bucket list item for me to ride on the beach. :) Jealous.

    Also let me know if you decide to get rid of the micklem. ;) I've been wanting one lately for no particular reason.

  4. Jealous of the beach ride, and so thrilled for you on the bridle!

  5. Cute pictures. Sounds like a fun day. Sorry your friends horse didnt like the beach though.


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