Monday, August 5, 2013


I had an excellent ride on Roz tonight. He's starting to feel a lot stronger and better able to carry himself. The first month back was hard at times. He's always been heavy and resistant in the bridle, and when he's out of shape it's that much worse. His canter was so downhill but as soon as I would sit back and half halt he'd break. I know he just didn't have the strength to really do what I wanted. I think he's steadily improved but tonight I felt much more like I'm regaining my old horse. Yah!

I got a new photo of Emi tonight. She's looking so good! I'm totally bummed I wasn't able to go see her this weekend. It's the first weekend that I have missed. I'm already looking forward to visiting her this coming weekend.


  1. Hard getting them back in shape, but I know he will get easier and easier for ya.

  2. :)
    Glad he is coming back. Looks like lil' missy needs some time to mature. She is pretty stinking cute though.

  3. Glad Roz is back :) Also Emi is adorable

  4. Emi is gorgeous, Glad hes getting back in shape :).
    Love your header btw!!


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