Monday, August 12, 2013


There are just been so much to do the last couple of weeks, and no time for writing. My family is getting ready to leave on a trip to Ireland, so there may not be a lot more blogging that gets done in August, we'll see. 

I got my first post chemo hair cut on Saturday! It was fun to get it shaped up some, and now I will just have to get it through some awkward stages before it finally grows out. We've got a long way to go but slowly and surely it's getting there. For anyone who is wondering, both the color and texture are different than they used to be. I used to have very thick, coarse, dark hair. Now it's lighter in color and it's much more fine. It also has a lot more curl to it than it used to. It will be interesting to see if it gets closer to my normal hair as it grows out or if chemo really will completely change it. Weird!
This was one month post chemo- April 8th
August 10th (5 months post chemo)
I went to visit Miss Emi on Saturday after my hair cut. She was good as usual and she's growing like a weed. I won't get to see her again until early September. I can only imagine how big she will be by then. She has outgrown the cute purple halter she wore as a baby. I have a tote of "Emi" things and I double checked the halters that I have. I have a navy blue weanling halter that is very adjustable. I'm going to take that with me next time I go visit. I think it should be a perfect fit!

She was friendly, but you can also tell that she's getting wiser in her old age. I petted her for quite a while before grabbing her halter. As soon as she saw it in my hand she became "hard to catch." We played ring around mommy for a bit before I dropped the lead rope, put the halter behind my back, and started scratching at her bum. Once I got up by her head I was able to get the halter on. We did a short leading lesson, and she was pretty good. A couple of times she didn't want to walk and as soon as I put the rope around her butt she would trot off. She definitely knows she doesn't like the butt rope. Silly girl!
Is that a kissable nose or what!? 
The pretty girl is growing up
Trotting over to see me
Blackberry picking with her mom
They are so pretty


  1. That filly just gets more and more stunning as she grows up.

    1. Thank you Liz. I think she is maturing nicely.

  2. All of your foal pics make me think that I neeeeeed one.

    As for your hair - I cut mine into a pixie about 2 years ago and I would say it was around where yours is. I am very impatient and didn't like the in between stages and kept cutting it off... But I finally connoted to growing it out around October or November and its now almost grazing my shoulders.

    Check out this blog I found- this lady posts pictures as she grew her hair out and what styles made it bearable. Ill have to post back Witt the link but I think the ladies name was Matilda maybe.

    1. Her hair was a bit longer than yours but it gave me hope that my hair wouldn't be funky the whole time I grew it out. - btw your hair looks awesome and I bet you'll be gorgeous whatever your hair looks like!

    2. Oh yes, the baby thing is addicting. I can definitely see why breeders breed. :) And thanks for the link. That was cool!

  3. You are looking great! I am glad that you are healthy and cancer free :)

    Man I want a foal too!!! :)

  4. She is adorable and so happy that everything in your life is moving up!

  5. Love the hair cut! I like the new color :)

  6. The pixie cut really suits you. I have never been brave enough to go that short with my hair but I guess after chemo, you can try out all the different lengths and see which one you like best!


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