Friday, August 2, 2013


I received an email today that Emi was a winner in Equine Legal Solutions photo contest. She got 3rd place in the Most Personality category. Thank you to everyone who voted for her. We are going to receive a personalized key chain with her name on it. 2 years ago April entered Pants and he won a key chain for 3rd place too!

Roz and I are heading to the beach tomorrow with my friend Kellie, and her horse Honey. Honey and Kellie haven't ever been riding on the beach before. I'm sure it will be a fun day and I'm excited to introduce them to riding on the beach.

If anyone knows of someone selling a micklem bridle, send them my way. I'm on the hunt for a good deal on one, although if it takes me too long I may end up buying one new. Since I can't adjust Roz's current bridle any more I think it's time to upgrade. I'm unsure of what size to get him. His head is pretty fine but he's right on the edge of the size chart for being in a cob size. I'm so tired of all of my bridles being on the highest holes, so I definitely don't want it to be too big.


  1. Congratulations on the contest! I got mine from the High Quality Used Tack Facebook page, and even that wasn't a screaming deal - $140 for the competition bridle, without reins - but it was the best I'd seen on it. I guess the fact that they're so hard to find used is a good testament to how much people like them, right?

  2. Definitely go with the horse size! My last horse went in a cob snaffle bridle, and the cob/small horse in the Micklem was waaay too small for him.

  3. Maybe see if VTO sells them? UDBB is a discount code you can use on VTO. Also check out the FB pages or maybe EquusNow's consignment?

  4. Congrats! Hope the beach ride goes well.


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