Monday, September 30, 2013

World Cup 2015

Tarra sent me this link yesterday on facebook. The World Cup is coming back to Las Vegas for 2015. We were already planning to go to Rolex in 2015. I checked the dates and the two events are back to back weekends. Can you say fun!? If we plan it right we can have one amazing horse filled week. Emi will be almost 2 at that point as well so I can shop for her. I cannot wait!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rain, rain and more rain

There's nothing really new to report here. The weather has been really nasty the past couple of days. We've had lots of rain! Normally our "summer" easily extends through September and in to October but that doesn't seem to be the case this year. I'm hopeful that the sun will come back out soon. I'm reminded how much I dislike the rainy/muddy time of year. We were hoping to go to the beach on Saturday but since the weather forecast looked so bad we are aiming for next Saturday. I really hope it is nice and we can at least get one more trip in before the end of the year!

I took Roz up to the barn Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday this week. We had some good rides and I have continued to increase the amount of time I'm riding him. At this point he's getting about 45 minutes of riding time per session. I've been spending more time walking at the beginning of our riders since it's colder and he's back in his paddock right now. I'm finally seeing some progress with his trot to walk transitions which is nice.
Posing with Tolo on Tuesday night. These two boys have always been best buddies. 
Yesterday I had to hook up the trailer before we could go. Roz had been in the barn for a couple of hours, just eating his hay and staying out of the rain. He heard me start the truck and went right outside to roll. By the time I was ready to grab him he had rolled on both sides and was covered in wet mud all the way up to his eye balls. He nickered at me like I was his long lost friend. Really!? I got him cleaned up as well as I could before we headed to the barn. Next time he's getting locked in his stall while I get ready to go.
I love that pretty face...even if he is a rascal!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

3 Months

I hung out with 3 month old Emi today. She is doing fantastic. I groomed her really well today and she loved it. She's not ticklish at all. She continues to shed and I love her dark rich color. She still has the darker spot over her rump. It will be interesting to see what that does when she sheds out in the spring. Her mane is getting a little longer and I think I will be able to tame it over to the right. Chloe has a fairly thin mane but Cindy said Cardi's is super thick. I'd love for her to have an easy thin mane and a nice thick tail. I can hope, right!?

Haltering her does continue to get easier and she is leading pretty well. We even practiced leading from the off side today and it was easy. We were taking some photos and Cindy threw her glove to get Emi's ears up. Well her ears went right up, but she stepped off almost immediately to go check out what was thrown. That was cute! She picked it up in her mouth and waved it around. Then Cindy stuck it through the ring on her halter to get her used to what it will be like to wear a ribbon. It was no big deal. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Too Funny

In light of my last blog post, this ad for Quest seemed very timely. It came in my Practical Horseman today!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


It's been 5 months since Roz's last fecal. After deworming him with Quest, I ran a recheck on him and he was clear. After sharing that information with my vet they said to wait 5 months before checking him again, as Quest can have some residual effect. We've made it to 5 months so I took a sample in to work with me on Wednesday. That's a definite perk of working at a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. I got his report by the afternoon and his strongyle load was high again at 1525 ova per gram. Ugh! I was definitely frustrated with that result. From looking at him you would never guess he was loaded with parasites. Poor pony! 

I spoke with the vet again and they recommended I deworm him with Quest again as it was effective last time. We will recheck him again in 3 months and see where he is at. Our goal is to deworm him when he gets in the range of 300-500 ova per gram. According to the vet, research has shown that 20% of horses carry 80% of the parasites. I just happen to have one of those 20%. Haha. I'm sure another part of the problem is that he's on a fairly small piece of property so he's just grazing too close to manure. I know once Emi comes we will really have to stay on top of the parasite issue. They always say the young and old are most susceptible, and I will have both! 

My cute parasite filled pony, before our ride today.
Handsome as ever
Anyway, he got dewormed with Quest again tonight and I will mark on my calendar to recheck mid December. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I had a fantastic ride on Roz tonight. I set out with a clear plan and he worked so well for me. We borrowed Tolo's bridle as it has one of my bits on it. I've been experimenting with bits on him, to find something that he doesn't suck back behind. He's always been a difficult horse in the contact. I'm really not sure what the issue is but he's had regular dental care and his teeth are good. I've used several different bits over the years but I'm going back through them again.

We worked through some leg yields at the walk before picking up the trot. I really focus on not picking at him but getting him nicely forward and staying very consistent with my hands. He didn't try any head tossing, hopping, or bucking threats at the canter tonight and I was happy with that. We worked several trot/canter transitions and used the canter as a reward for some leg yields at the trot. Being an off the track thoroughbred, the canter is definitely his favorite gait and he's happy to cruise along there. It's also always improved our trot work once we've cantered. We also worked on half halts and transitions from trot to walk, as he really dumps on his forehand when we get to that point. He got a good 30 minute work out and had a nice foamy mouth when we got done. Success!

Last night I rode both Mystic and Tolo. They were great. They are straight forward and easy to ride, which is fun. I rode Mystic tonight and I plan to ride both Mystic and Tolo again tomorrow.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

7 Weeks to Go

I love the weekend! It's so nice to get to make your own plans and use your time as you want. I set off yesterday morning to visit Emi. I hit the interstate and quickly realized that there was a flaw with my plan....there was a college football game going on in Eugene, very near where Emi lives. Oops! It never even crossed my mind! We live in a college town too, but I knew our team was playing away from home. I will have to keep both team's schedule in mind from here on out. Traffic was moving at about 40mph for a while before it became a complete parking lot. I was concerned that their may have been a car accident but never saw anything. I think it was just too many people going to one place. Once we got through Eugene it was smooth sailing. 

Emi was awesome! She was back to her friendly self. She absolutely loves having her withers scratched! I always come away with two very dirty hands. I'm looking forward to lots of good grooming sessions with her as I think she will love it. I grab a brush and brushed out some more of her baby coat. Her little mane is wild, flopping on both sides of her neck, although more to the left than to the right. It will be interesting to see if I can train it over to the right side. I think our hair actually looks pretty similar. It's got a mind of it's own. Haha. She was the easiest she has ever been to halter. I was happy to see that and think it won't take long before it's no problem at all.
Crazy hair flopping on both sides
Prancing around
Running with mom
Checking out the flag we were using
Her hocks are turning black
Giving the "baby mouth" to a yearling

I'm so excited to get her home soon! We've got about 7 weeks to go. We definitely still have some things to get ready before she comes. I better get on it! 

Today, I lunged Roz and rode Tarra's horse, Tolo. She's out of town for the week so I have Roz, Tolo and Mystic to ride all week. It should be fun! Roz was pretty energetic but we did get some nice work. I'm trying to get on a real schedule with him. My plan is to ride him Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. My mom and I are going to be taking an exercise class on Monday/Wednesday so I think riding after work on Tuesday/Thursday should work out well. I'm not looking forward to the shorter days and the rain starting up, but hopefully I can keep him working all through the winter. 

Roz got his hooves trimmed on Friday.  September marks a year since he has been barefoot. He's done better than I expected, and I almost wish we would have done that sooner. It's nice to not have to worry about pulled shoes, and of course it's cheaper. That certainly doesn't hurt my feelings but more than that, it's fantastic to see him moving around more comfortably barefoot than he was with his shoes on. It's a win all the way around. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Photo Friday

A few Rozzy Ridge photos taken this week.




I feel like a broken record on this, but I'm so blessed to own this horse. He's one of my best buddies and I am so pleased to be able to keep him until the end of his life. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trekking & the Great Western Greenway

I am horribly behind on blogging about Ireland but I still wanted to share a little bit more about our trip. One of the big things I wanted to do while in Ireland was go riding. We ended up having a really difficult time finding the place wher we were going, and we drove around for 2 hours before we finally found it! Once there they matched us up with horses and off we went. Both of my parents went with me. Each of them has some horse experience but they don't normally ride. We set off with the trek leader, then my dad, my mom, and I brought up the rear on an Irish Hunter named Blondie. They kept telling me she was a great trekking horse but that she was young. I asked how old she was and they said 5. To me 5 isn't that young...but oh well.

We were barely out of the gate and all of our horses spooked at nothing something. They all pretty much jumped in place, so no big deal. We continued out through their cross country field before turning on to more of a trail. All of the sudden my mom's horse lunged forward and mine went right after him. They both turned sideways and ran up behind my dad's horse. Thankfully my mom got her's stopped and I got Blondie stopped. It ended up that there was a groupd of riders out jumping cross country and they were behind us on the trail. So nothing to take off about but then again, it must have been terrifying.  At this point I shortened Blondie's reins up, because lets face it, I'm on an unknown horse who has now spooked twice in 10 minutes and I really don't feel like getting dumped. Well she didn't like that and rooted at the reins and tossed her head the rest of the ride. Ugh! Towards the end of our ride the trail turned extremely rocky with big boulders and then mud around them. The horses were stumbling over/around them to get back on the road. I was just praying none of the horse would trip badly.

My impression is that they are much more "rough and ready" in their riding than we are here. I would not have taken my own personal horse down that muddy boulder filled trail, but they seemed to think it was not a problem and it's part of their mapped out trail ride. I also wouldn't have put random strangers on such spooky horses. Thankfully we all made it back to the barn in one piece and I can check of the box, "horseback riding in Ireland."
On the trail riding back

Not sure what Blondi was doing in this photo. My dad got a 22 year old thoroughbred named Jack. He was a total doll the whole time!
Blondie and I
The next day, we headed out early to do a bicyle ride along the Great Western Greenway. Its a bike path between some coast towns in Ireland, and it's build on an old rail road track. I normally don't ride bikes and haven't really ridden since I was young but it did sound like fun. I was hoping that my parents would be sore from riding and that would slow them down, as they are regular bike riders. An hour horse ride was not enough to make them sore but they went slow for me anyway.

 The bike store shuttles you to the end of the 26 mile path and you ride back to the bike shop. The very start of our ride we had to ride on the road. I crashed into a white vinyl fence almost right out of the gate. Thankfully I got a bit more coordinated as the ride went on and was able to relax and enjoy it. We saw some gorgeous scenery and it was a really. I did make it the whole 26 miles, although I walked the last few hills...I was just too tired. I wasn't even too sore the next day. Yah! Here are some photos!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Prize & Pad

Emi got her first saddle pad this week. A pretty purple one from smartpak. I also brought her home a cute hoof pick from a tack store in Ireland. She's going to have so much stuff by the time I can ride her. That's going to be fun!

I had some other fun things waiting for me, when we returned home. Emi's photo and information was published in Flying Changes, a Northwest Sport Horse magazine. That was a fun surprise. 
Then I had also received the key chain she won in the Equine Legal Solutions cute foal contest. 
In other cool Emi news, a Cardi son, Winterlake Tristan did awesome at the National Pony Dressage Cup in Kentucky. He was Champion at 4th level, Reserve Champion for 3rd level and the musical freestyle, and he was Champion overall for welsh ponies and cobs. Pretty neat!

I rode Roz yesterday, for the first time in 3 weeks. I went out to grab him and he was not walking very well. Yikes! Thankfully it was just due to the fact that his feet were full of rocks. We had a big storm blow through on Thursday giving us 1/2 an inch of rain, which turned the dirt into mud. Luckily, as soon as I picked his feet out he was fine and we headed up to the barn. We did a lot of walking and a small amount of trotting out in the field. Tarra was jumping Mystic so we were watching them and just hanging out. Once she finished we were headed to the arena to go do a little more work when Mystic started spazing out and Tarra jumped off. They had stumbled in to an underground bee hive and were getting stung. I jumped off of Roz and started heading for the barn. Mystic took off like a shot and Roz was totally amped, prancing beside me. Mystic ran all the way down to his pasture gate before stopping. He got several stings, along with Tarra. All of that excitement cut my ride a bit short but it was okay for him to have an easy day.

Today he got a bath and a very small tail trim. I also hacked on his mane. It doesn't look very good yet, but I'm hoping a week or two and it will look better. I've given up pulling it because he doesn't like it and I don't like doing it. But...that leaves me with the issue of what to do with his mane. I think he's a lot cuter with it short so I don't want to just let it grow. Plus, in the winter when he rolls, it gets full of mud and I hate dealing with that. I roached it last winter and thought it turned out cute, but I'm just not sure about doing it again. It wasn't my favorite look right after I cut it, but partially grown out I thought it was very cute on him and was so low maintenance. Anyway, today I decided to play around with the scissors and thinning shears. I think I cut too much with the scissors before using the thinning ones...but at least it's short now. I may still end up roaching it but we'll see.
Grazing on the yard while he dried
I'm also way behind on my Ireland posts. I am going to try to catch up with a few highlights this week!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dappled Bay?

I finally got to visit Emi today! It's been at least 3 weeks since I last saw her. She was a bit standoffish at first but by the time we were done we were good buddies again. She's starting to shed and is turning a lovely dark bay color....and appears to have dapples! Her mom is covered in dapples and I'm hoping that Emi will be too. That would be super cool. I like her current color but the new dark bay really is lovely. She got to transition into a weanling halter today. It's an old halter that used to be used on Pants. I bought it from April at the beginning of May, before I even knew about Emi. It was fun to use it on her today. She led quite well and seems to really be getting the hang of it. I also measured her today and she's 10.3hh. She was 10.1hh about 5 weeks ago. She seems to be growing pretty evenly and I think she's looking really good. 

She's getting so big!
Pretty head

I like the looks of that uphill canter. I can't wait to ride it one of these days!