Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Prize & Pad

Emi got her first saddle pad this week. A pretty purple one from smartpak. I also brought her home a cute hoof pick from a tack store in Ireland. She's going to have so much stuff by the time I can ride her. That's going to be fun!

I had some other fun things waiting for me, when we returned home. Emi's photo and information was published in Flying Changes, a Northwest Sport Horse magazine. That was a fun surprise. 
Then I had also received the key chain she won in the Equine Legal Solutions cute foal contest. 
In other cool Emi news, a Cardi son, Winterlake Tristan did awesome at the National Pony Dressage Cup in Kentucky. He was Champion at 4th level, Reserve Champion for 3rd level and the musical freestyle, and he was Champion overall for welsh ponies and cobs. Pretty neat!

I rode Roz yesterday, for the first time in 3 weeks. I went out to grab him and he was not walking very well. Yikes! Thankfully it was just due to the fact that his feet were full of rocks. We had a big storm blow through on Thursday giving us 1/2 an inch of rain, which turned the dirt into mud. Luckily, as soon as I picked his feet out he was fine and we headed up to the barn. We did a lot of walking and a small amount of trotting out in the field. Tarra was jumping Mystic so we were watching them and just hanging out. Once she finished we were headed to the arena to go do a little more work when Mystic started spazing out and Tarra jumped off. They had stumbled in to an underground bee hive and were getting stung. I jumped off of Roz and started heading for the barn. Mystic took off like a shot and Roz was totally amped, prancing beside me. Mystic ran all the way down to his pasture gate before stopping. He got several stings, along with Tarra. All of that excitement cut my ride a bit short but it was okay for him to have an easy day.

Today he got a bath and a very small tail trim. I also hacked on his mane. It doesn't look very good yet, but I'm hoping a week or two and it will look better. I've given up pulling it because he doesn't like it and I don't like doing it. But...that leaves me with the issue of what to do with his mane. I think he's a lot cuter with it short so I don't want to just let it grow. Plus, in the winter when he rolls, it gets full of mud and I hate dealing with that. I roached it last winter and thought it turned out cute, but I'm just not sure about doing it again. It wasn't my favorite look right after I cut it, but partially grown out I thought it was very cute on him and was so low maintenance. Anyway, today I decided to play around with the scissors and thinning shears. I think I cut too much with the scissors before using the thinning ones...but at least it's short now. I may still end up roaching it but we'll see.
Grazing on the yard while he dried
I'm also way behind on my Ireland posts. I am going to try to catch up with a few highlights this week!


  1. omg Emi is going to look so cute!!

    and that hoof pick is adorable!

  2. I got to see Tristan while I was showing at Pony Cup! Super handsome guy :)

  3. She's going to look LOVELY in that pad! Even if it will be a while until she can wear it. :-)

  4. Awesome hoof pic!! Glad Tarra and Mystic were ok.


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