Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I had a fantastic ride on Roz tonight. I set out with a clear plan and he worked so well for me. We borrowed Tolo's bridle as it has one of my bits on it. I've been experimenting with bits on him, to find something that he doesn't suck back behind. He's always been a difficult horse in the contact. I'm really not sure what the issue is but he's had regular dental care and his teeth are good. I've used several different bits over the years but I'm going back through them again.

We worked through some leg yields at the walk before picking up the trot. I really focus on not picking at him but getting him nicely forward and staying very consistent with my hands. He didn't try any head tossing, hopping, or bucking threats at the canter tonight and I was happy with that. We worked several trot/canter transitions and used the canter as a reward for some leg yields at the trot. Being an off the track thoroughbred, the canter is definitely his favorite gait and he's happy to cruise along there. It's also always improved our trot work once we've cantered. We also worked on half halts and transitions from trot to walk, as he really dumps on his forehand when we get to that point. He got a good 30 minute work out and had a nice foamy mouth when we got done. Success!

Last night I rode both Mystic and Tolo. They were great. They are straight forward and easy to ride, which is fun. I rode Mystic tonight and I plan to ride both Mystic and Tolo again tomorrow.


  1. What bits are you trying? My hands-on bit knowledge is limited, I always like to hear what others are trying.

  2. Also curious what bits are working for you!

  3. For a couple years he has gone in this bit- http://www.smartpakequine.com/jp-korsteel-loose-ring-snaffle-6147p?cm_mmc=Google-_-googlepla-_-TES-_-2109694278&source=pla&gclid=CMzZpvm31bkCFeU5QgodcngApg. Most recently I had him in a myler snaffle- http://www.smartpakequine.com/myler-level-1-loose-ring-8447p. He went fairly well in it but had more of a tendency to suck back behind the contact which I don't like. I'd personally rather deal with him being heavy than curled up behind the bit. Last night we rode in a french link loose ring. That was a bit I used on him years ago. I need to dig out the other bits that I have, to see what else to try. I've always wanted to try him in a baucher but I haven't ever had one.


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