Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rain, rain and more rain

There's nothing really new to report here. The weather has been really nasty the past couple of days. We've had lots of rain! Normally our "summer" easily extends through September and in to October but that doesn't seem to be the case this year. I'm hopeful that the sun will come back out soon. I'm reminded how much I dislike the rainy/muddy time of year. We were hoping to go to the beach on Saturday but since the weather forecast looked so bad we are aiming for next Saturday. I really hope it is nice and we can at least get one more trip in before the end of the year!

I took Roz up to the barn Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday this week. We had some good rides and I have continued to increase the amount of time I'm riding him. At this point he's getting about 45 minutes of riding time per session. I've been spending more time walking at the beginning of our riders since it's colder and he's back in his paddock right now. I'm finally seeing some progress with his trot to walk transitions which is nice.
Posing with Tolo on Tuesday night. These two boys have always been best buddies. 
Yesterday I had to hook up the trailer before we could go. Roz had been in the barn for a couple of hours, just eating his hay and staying out of the rain. He heard me start the truck and went right outside to roll. By the time I was ready to grab him he had rolled on both sides and was covered in wet mud all the way up to his eye balls. He nickered at me like I was his long lost friend. Really!? I got him cleaned up as well as I could before we headed to the barn. Next time he's getting locked in his stall while I get ready to go.
I love that pretty face...even if he is a rascal!


  1. He does have a gorgeous head. I can't believe he rolled when you started the truck! Our sand arena is a sloppy, muddled mess right now, but I'm still planning to turn Lance out to romp and roll. He's starting to act like the cooped-up colt on stall rest that I was dealing with 9-10 months ago!

    1. It's amazing how quickly they build up energy!

  2. He is too cute. :) Love the old guys. They are so smart.


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