Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Just Want To Say...

2 more days until the baby girl comes home! It's amazing how quickly they grow up!
3 days old
4 months

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunshine Award

Thank you to *TBA* for the nomination. 

The sunshine award is for people who 'positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere'. The nominee of this award must do the following, thank the person who nominated them, nominate 10 bloggers of their own, answer the 10 questions given to you, post them, and add the Sunshine Award Button to the blog.

1. Mares or Gelding? Either.
2. English or Western? English all the way!
3. Do you prefer younger or older horses? Both have their upsides! I love having an older horse. He is easy to work with and very predictable. At the same time young horses develop and change so much so quickly. It's very rewarding. 
4. Have you trained a horse from ground zero? No, Emi will be my first. I've almost only had OTTB's so I'm looking forward to having a different kind of horse to work with. 
5. Do you prefer riding or groundwork? Riding
6. Do you board your horse or keep him at home? I'm currently keeping my horses at home but I have boarded as well. There are nice things about both, but I really love having my horses at home and being responsible for all of their care. 
7. Do you use all natural things or just commercial stuff (the products you use)? I use both, although after being diagnosed with cancer I'm more careful about the products I use. I'd prefer to use natural things, and I'm more diligent to use gloves when applying products. 
8. All tacked up or bareback? I enjoy both!
9. Equestrian role model? I follow several riders but I don't have a specific role model.
10. What's your one main goal while being in the horse world? I have lots of goals! I want to become the best rider I can be and continuously improve. I'd love to get my bronze medal with Emi. 

My 10 nominees:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Favorite Thing

I'm fairly certain if Roz could talk he would tell me that trail riding is his favorite riding activity. Tarra and I hit the trails this afternoon and Roz was so ready to go. He walked as fast as he could for over the first mile. We practiced some halts and walked back to Tarra and Mystic a couple of times, since we had gotten so far away from them. After a couple miles I was able to ride on the buckle for the rest of the ride. We enjoyed a relaxing 5 mile walk in the forest and I know it was a good work out for the boys.
I love the view between those ears! 

A rare moment when Mystic took the lead
Two of the best bareback trail riding ponies around. I should also add that I love my cavallo sport boots. Roz is completely comfortable trail riding in them! 
I got a cool horsey update this morning. If you've been following along for a while you will remember Pretty. Apparently she is an excellent polo pony and has even won some awards! She is currently in California but may be sold to some people in Florida soon. I'm so glad she found a place in life. I love getting updates on "my" horses!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

One Week

I made my final trip down to visit Emi today. Next weekend I get to go down and pick her up! She is doing great with being weaned and seems pretty unconcerned. I had an easy time catching her and I took her over to the barn for some grooming. I sprayed detangler on her mane for the first time, and she didn't mind at all. Her mane is pretty much splitting down the middle right now...I think it's going to be out of control! I've been debating what I will do with it once she's under saddle. I will most likely keep it short; although I really don't like pulling it, I do like the "sporty" look. We'll see how it grows over the next couple of years. I have some time before I really have to make a decision!

Cindy suggested that I should practice loading her today, since she will have to load next weekend. She's traveled a few times with her mom, but of course this was her first time loading all by herself. I got some grain and asked her to load up. She moved side to side a little bit before climbing in. It took less than a minute to get her in. I let her eat some grain before unloading her. We did it once more with the same results, and I called it a day.  There's no reason to create a problem when we don't currently have one!

Her weaning buddy, Fory. 
Then we received a gift from Cindy...a beautiful leather halter for when she's grown up! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Friday

I love Fridays! I had a busy but good day at work, and was excited to grab my pony and head up to the barn for a ride. I lunged Roz for a bit before hoping on. He was full of it, bucking and playing like a kid. He ended up getting a pretty good work out before I even got on. I kept his actual ride fairly short and enjoyed chatting with Tarra while we worked. Once we finished riding, we let Tolo and Roz loose in the arena to play.  They used to be really good buddies and would play a lot! They didn't do much tonight. I think partially because Roz actually was tired from his work. He didn't seem that interested in engaging with Tolo, even though Tolo did try. I'm really curious to see how he will react to Emi. 

I don't think I've mentioned this but Roz seems to have hives. I'm not sure what's going on but he's probably going to get a vet visit next week. They are mainly on the underside of his neck and chest. He also has some under his chin. They are scabby and itchy. I thought they may be getting better but it seemed like he has more of them tonight. If it's not one things it's another, when you have a horse! Thankfully, other than being happy to have you curry him there, he doesn't seem bothered by them and is acting like his normal self. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Busy

This past week has been a whirlwind. I spent a long weekend in Chicago visiting family. We left super early on Friday morning and returned home Monday night.  Many of the family members we saw immigrated from Ireland. It was so fun to listen to them talk and tell us stories of growing up in Ireland, in a family with 12 children!
A view of Mount Hood as we flew out of Portland
Tuesday would normally be a riding day but I spent the evening doing family pictures for a friend. They turned out cute!

After an incredible rain storm to end September, the whole month of October has been gorgeous. The trees are beautiful and I love the cool, sunny days. Wednesday was a Step/Sculpt exercise class I'm taking, but I finally got back in the saddle today. It was wonderful! Roz was ready to go and I could definitely tell he had a week off work. I don't normally ride on Fridays but I'm hoping to get another ride in tomorrow and then hopefully a trail ride on Sunday.

It's amazing the transformation in the horses as winter approaches. Roz is growing in his thick winter coat and is looking so much more like a pony. The barn owner's husband said he looks like a QH/Arab cross, which I totally agree with. That thoroughbred side doesn't shine through in his appearance, especially during the winter. He and Emi should be a matched set!

Speaking of Emi, she was weaned on Friday and is doing well. I'm so excited to visit her on Saturday! The rest of Saturday is going to be spent getting prepared for her arrival. I have a few projects to finish up. My dad and I normally wash our horse trailer in the fall and we haven't gotten to it yet. I thought it would be good to clean it up while the weather is still nice. I also got a new/used tack trunk earlier this week so I have a lot of organizing to do. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mom Swap

Tarra and I swapped horse tonight, and we need to do it more often! Although we have ridden each others horses, many times, it's always an adjustment. Our boys are similar in a lot of ways, yet they are all very different rides. Tolo was highly unmotivated tonight, so we plodded around for a bit until I found his go button! He definitely doesn't seem to feel me as well as Tarra. I suppose the change in stirrup length by like 5 or 6 holes may factor in to it. Once I got him going he was great!

The beautiful sky on the way to the barn
Tolo and Roz visiting while we adjusted our stirrups
Roz modeling his new $5 saddle pad
We reminisced about old times with the boys, like this video. Tarra prepped both Roz and Tolo to use for jumping for her High School Equestrian Team.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trail Ride Sunday

Tarra and I had a trail riding date this afternoon. We discussed that we really need to make it a standing appointment. Our weather has turned back to being beautiful and it was a perfect fall day for riding. While I hooked up the truck Roz started running around the pasture. I went out to grab him with an apple as a bribe. He ran around a bit more before letting me catch him. Once he was cleaned up I loaded him up and off we went. 
Yee Haw!

We arrived at the barn, I threw his hoof boots on, tacked him up and we set out. 

Roz always trucks along when we are heading away from the barn. It makes it hard to hold a conversation but that's alright. Apparently Mystic kept looking behind him, hoping we would head for home. When we decided to turn around Roz kept looking back the way we had been "wait, there's more to explore!" We rode a little over 4.5 miles total and it was a perfect day for it. 
Heading out to the trails 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Almost There

It's almost time for Miss Emi to be weaned and head home. It's going to be weird to skip my weekly trips down to see her. She's starting to get a lot of hair, and continues to get taller. We measured her today and she was 11.3 (and a half) hands. Cardi and Chloe are both 14.3hh so I hope that she will reach that height. We brushed, led, measured, and visted. I'm looking forward to her homecoming in a couple more weeks. I will be out of town next weekend so no more visits until after that. Then there will be one weekend prior to her coming home. Time flies when you are having fun! 
I LOVE Emi's mom. She's an awesome mare. 
Me scratching Emi, who's grooming her mom. These girls are too cute!
Neither of these are the perfect photo but you get the idea. 
In other news, Roz ripped his brand new Amigo Mio blanket. This goes hand in hand with Cob Jockey's post regarding blanket quality. Ugh! I'm so not impressed, and he's not even hard on his blanekets. He has a Rhino that I've had for over 5 years, and it's still going strong.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday

This is one of my photos from last Friday, that was edited by Leah Anderson. She is the owner of Dapplebay and also the Creative Director for Equestrian Culture magazine. Check them out. She's very talented! We met almost 3 years ago when she bought her horse, Pie, from me. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Under Motivated

The title says it all. I've been under motivated this week. I'm not sure what the deal is. Monday I had a doctors appointment and got both my flu shot and my monthly injection of Trelstar. That all went fine and I had my step/sculpt fitness class Monday night. Tuesday I woke up feeling off and just lethargic. I came home after work, skipped riding Roz, and was in bed by 8pm. 10 hours of sleep definitely helped and I felt better yesterday, although I still thought I might be fighting something. Thankfully I woke up fine this morning. Yah!

With no ride on Tuesday Roz has been off work since we went to the beach on Saturday. Lucky for me he's one of the best boys around and you wouldn't know he had most of the week off. I don't know how many of you get the USDF Connection but it's really interesting. The October issue had an article regarding "The Crooked Horse." One of the exercises it talked about was "corner training." (the article starts on page 24) I've started doing it with Roz and it really works! Who would have thought?! We really had an excellent ride tonight; working a lot on transitions, and moving his body around. His leg yields are getting better and his canter was the strongest it's felt since being back to work. He definitely has an easier time tracking left than he does right but it's improving.

23 days until Emi comes home!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Countdown

The countdown is on until Emi comes home, just 27 days. Novemeber 2nd is her pick up date. My Dad and I spent a couple hours this afternoon laying down hog fuel in the horses paddock to help keep the mud at bay this winter.

The pony spent his time playing in the pasture before getting a chance to scope out his upgraded footing. 
We have a few more "baby proofing" items on the list but we are getting closer to being ready. I found a new feeder I want to try for both of them, but I think I will start with Roz. It's called a Pre-Vent Feeder. It seems like a cool idea and although I haven't had problems with choking, Roz does lose his grain all over the place by taking big mouthfuls and swinging his head around watching what's going on around him. I will report back on it once we've tried it!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Perfect Fall Day

Last weekend we had planned a beach adventure, and then cancelled a few days prior as the weather was predicted to be stormy. I'm SO glad we waited. Not only was the weather nasty last weekend but was flat out gorgeous this weekend! We didn't leave until noon so that left me with enough time to get up and head down to visit Emi before we left. 

It was a foggy cool morning and a fairly easy drive down there. I stopped at Dutch Bro's on my way and the barista was asking me what I was up to on this early (7:45am) Saturday morning. I replied that I was going to visit a baby horse...I'm sure they don't get that answer every day. Emi seemed happy to see me and I went straight to grooming her and her momma. Both of them are so sweet! I grabbed her halter and we did a little leading practice before picking her feet. The haltering continues to get easier. Then Cindy asked if I wanted to try introducing her to clippers. Of course I said yes! She grabbed a nice portable pair and an apple. She held the apple and let Emi gnaw on it while we turned the clippers on, rubbed them on her neck, and then on to her forehead, up by her ears etc. She hardly batted an eye. Yah! I did try a quick clip of her crazy long ear hair. She wasn't thrilled about that but I don't blame her.  It was a very successful (and easy) clipper introduction. I can only hope most of the new things I introduce her to will go that well.

Once I was finished with Emi I hurried home to grab Roz. I had cleaned him up pretty well last night but he was muddy again today. I cleaned him up quickly and we loaded up. I took him to NDF where we were catching a ride with a friend. She has a 4 horse trailer and hauled Roz, Mystic, and Tolo. She doesn't currently have a horse to ride so she rode Mystic for Tarra and Tarra rode Tolo. All three boys loaded easily in the unfamiliar trailer. We were getting close to the beach when Alyssa commented that the boys were hauling really well. You couldn't even tell they were back there. Tarra and I told her that they always haul like that! It's so nice to have horses that trailer well.

We arrived to a gorgeous clear coastal day. As we headed out to the beach Roz was ready to go. He marched on out and left Tolo and Mystic in the dust. That boy can walk when he's excited about what he's doing. We trotted and cantered down the beach, paused for some pictures, and just spent some time relaxing as we strolled along the ocean. We weren't sure how Tolo would be as this was his first time going since losing sight in one eye. He was totally fine! We rode for about 2 hours before loading up for the trip home.
Tolo and Roz standing with Alyssa while I took photos
The view from where I sat
All 3 boys at the beach together
I love that sweet face
When we returned to NDF I had to load Roz right back in our trailer to take him home. I'm sure he was thinking "do we have to do this again?" Being the good boy that he is he hopped right in for his short trip home. Overall it was a perfect, horsey, gorgeous fall day. Yah!

On a totally unrelated note. Check out how much my hair has been growing! The first photo was taken after my first hair cut, probably mid August. The second photo was taken yesterday, less than 2 months later.