Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feeling His Oats

Apparently Roz was feeling good today. I think it was a mixture of cooler weather and being locked off of the field due to the massive amount of rain we've had. He still has his paddock area but it's definitely not the same as cruising the pasture all day.

We rode in the arena for about 20 minutes before heading down the road to go on a short ride outside. There is a loop near the barn that is about a mile. We stopped off at the trailer for me to put Roz's boots on, since half of it's on gravel. You could tell he was very comfortable with his boots on, and off he strutted! We made it about halfway down the driveway before he gave a big spooking scoot. It felt like he may have tripped a bit, before capitalizing on the moment and thinking about taking off. At that point I realized this was not going to be a loose rein kind of walk.

He was bouncing along and left Tarra and Mystic in the dust. We finally stopped for them to catch up before turning onto the next portion of our ride. He proceeded to spook at a gate...I'm not sure what was scary about that!? Finally the closer we got to the barn the slower he was walking. I think he wasn't ready for his ride to come to an end. I was telling Tarra that I thought horses were supposed to mellow out in their old age. I'm definitely not seeing it. Haha. I'm actually not sure I ever remember him literally spooking at nothing, like he did tonight.

We have plans to hit the beach on Saturday. Thankfully things are drying out here and he's going to get at least part of the day on the pasture before we go. Hopefully that will settle him down!

I got this picture shortly before he spooked. I'm thankful I had put my phone away by the time he did that!
Pausing on the way back


  1. Aww, happy Roz! The rain you've gotten is headed my way. You should have kept it! ;-)

    1. can keep it! The sun is finally coming back today. Yah!


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