Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mom Swap

Tarra and I swapped horse tonight, and we need to do it more often! Although we have ridden each others horses, many times, it's always an adjustment. Our boys are similar in a lot of ways, yet they are all very different rides. Tolo was highly unmotivated tonight, so we plodded around for a bit until I found his go button! He definitely doesn't seem to feel me as well as Tarra. I suppose the change in stirrup length by like 5 or 6 holes may factor in to it. Once I got him going he was great!

The beautiful sky on the way to the barn
Tolo and Roz visiting while we adjusted our stirrups
Roz modeling his new $5 saddle pad
We reminisced about old times with the boys, like this video. Tarra prepped both Roz and Tolo to use for jumping for her High School Equestrian Team.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! He really doesn't seem to have aged a lot which is cool. I know some day I will wake up and really have an "old" horse, but right now I'm enjoying him as he is.

  2. Wow, Tarra is a really elegant rider. How awesome to have such a great horsey friend so close to you!

    1. Yes, she's an excellent rider and has improved a lot in the few years since the video was done! It is a huge blessing to have a horsey friend who thinks and rides a lot like I do.


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