Saturday, October 5, 2013

Perfect Fall Day

Last weekend we had planned a beach adventure, and then cancelled a few days prior as the weather was predicted to be stormy. I'm SO glad we waited. Not only was the weather nasty last weekend but was flat out gorgeous this weekend! We didn't leave until noon so that left me with enough time to get up and head down to visit Emi before we left. 

It was a foggy cool morning and a fairly easy drive down there. I stopped at Dutch Bro's on my way and the barista was asking me what I was up to on this early (7:45am) Saturday morning. I replied that I was going to visit a baby horse...I'm sure they don't get that answer every day. Emi seemed happy to see me and I went straight to grooming her and her momma. Both of them are so sweet! I grabbed her halter and we did a little leading practice before picking her feet. The haltering continues to get easier. Then Cindy asked if I wanted to try introducing her to clippers. Of course I said yes! She grabbed a nice portable pair and an apple. She held the apple and let Emi gnaw on it while we turned the clippers on, rubbed them on her neck, and then on to her forehead, up by her ears etc. She hardly batted an eye. Yah! I did try a quick clip of her crazy long ear hair. She wasn't thrilled about that but I don't blame her.  It was a very successful (and easy) clipper introduction. I can only hope most of the new things I introduce her to will go that well.

Once I was finished with Emi I hurried home to grab Roz. I had cleaned him up pretty well last night but he was muddy again today. I cleaned him up quickly and we loaded up. I took him to NDF where we were catching a ride with a friend. She has a 4 horse trailer and hauled Roz, Mystic, and Tolo. She doesn't currently have a horse to ride so she rode Mystic for Tarra and Tarra rode Tolo. All three boys loaded easily in the unfamiliar trailer. We were getting close to the beach when Alyssa commented that the boys were hauling really well. You couldn't even tell they were back there. Tarra and I told her that they always haul like that! It's so nice to have horses that trailer well.

We arrived to a gorgeous clear coastal day. As we headed out to the beach Roz was ready to go. He marched on out and left Tolo and Mystic in the dust. That boy can walk when he's excited about what he's doing. We trotted and cantered down the beach, paused for some pictures, and just spent some time relaxing as we strolled along the ocean. We weren't sure how Tolo would be as this was his first time going since losing sight in one eye. He was totally fine! We rode for about 2 hours before loading up for the trip home.
Tolo and Roz standing with Alyssa while I took photos
The view from where I sat
All 3 boys at the beach together
I love that sweet face
When we returned to NDF I had to load Roz right back in our trailer to take him home. I'm sure he was thinking "do we have to do this again?" Being the good boy that he is he hopped right in for his short trip home. Overall it was a perfect, horsey, gorgeous fall day. Yah!

On a totally unrelated note. Check out how much my hair has been growing! The first photo was taken after my first hair cut, probably mid August. The second photo was taken yesterday, less than 2 months later.

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  1. I'm jealous of the beach ride but headed out now to school Lance here at home. Far better than nothing! (Cute hair!)


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