Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Busy

This past week has been a whirlwind. I spent a long weekend in Chicago visiting family. We left super early on Friday morning and returned home Monday night.  Many of the family members we saw immigrated from Ireland. It was so fun to listen to them talk and tell us stories of growing up in Ireland, in a family with 12 children!
A view of Mount Hood as we flew out of Portland
Tuesday would normally be a riding day but I spent the evening doing family pictures for a friend. They turned out cute!

After an incredible rain storm to end September, the whole month of October has been gorgeous. The trees are beautiful and I love the cool, sunny days. Wednesday was a Step/Sculpt exercise class I'm taking, but I finally got back in the saddle today. It was wonderful! Roz was ready to go and I could definitely tell he had a week off work. I don't normally ride on Fridays but I'm hoping to get another ride in tomorrow and then hopefully a trail ride on Sunday.

It's amazing the transformation in the horses as winter approaches. Roz is growing in his thick winter coat and is looking so much more like a pony. The barn owner's husband said he looks like a QH/Arab cross, which I totally agree with. That thoroughbred side doesn't shine through in his appearance, especially during the winter. He and Emi should be a matched set!

Speaking of Emi, she was weaned on Friday and is doing well. I'm so excited to visit her on Saturday! The rest of Saturday is going to be spent getting prepared for her arrival. I have a few projects to finish up. My dad and I normally wash our horse trailer in the fall and we haven't gotten to it yet. I thought it would be good to clean it up while the weather is still nice. I also got a new/used tack trunk earlier this week so I have a lot of organizing to do. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!

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