Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trail Ride Sunday

Tarra and I had a trail riding date this afternoon. We discussed that we really need to make it a standing appointment. Our weather has turned back to being beautiful and it was a perfect fall day for riding. While I hooked up the truck Roz started running around the pasture. I went out to grab him with an apple as a bribe. He ran around a bit more before letting me catch him. Once he was cleaned up I loaded him up and off we went. 
Yee Haw!

We arrived at the barn, I threw his hoof boots on, tacked him up and we set out. 

Roz always trucks along when we are heading away from the barn. It makes it hard to hold a conversation but that's alright. Apparently Mystic kept looking behind him, hoping we would head for home. When we decided to turn around Roz kept looking back the way we had been "wait, there's more to explore!" We rode a little over 4.5 miles total and it was a perfect day for it. 
Heading out to the trails 

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