Saturday, November 30, 2013

What's That?

Emi and I had a visitor today, and Emi was totally intrigued by her hat. How cute is that!?  Emi received some nice compliments regarding her good manners and not being very mouthy. We are headed in the right direction!

Friday, November 29, 2013

If It's Not One Thing....

It's another! Tuesday night I noticed a red spot on my eye. It seemed a little better on Wednesday morning when I put my contacts in. Wednesday late afternoon I looked into a mirror at work and was shocked to see almost my whole eye was red! My first thought was that I could not have pink eye with Thanksgiving being the very next day! Luckily, I don't think I have pink eye. It is slowly clearing up, but I'm not sure what caused the problem. Weird!

Then, last night I was all set to make a blog post, and then my computer crashed. Sad day! It's a 4 year old macbook pro that I've never had any trouble with. From what the Mac Store people said, it looks like it's probably the connection to the hard drive, not the hard drive itself. So my computer is off at the doctor. Hopefully it will come home as good as new, and not cost me an arm and a leg in repairs!

I've got some cute photos to share, but may not do anything with them until my computer returns home. The horses are doing well and have gotten some good pasture time the last few days. It looks like our rain is going to return for a few days, before the sun comes back out later next week.

On a cool note, Roz got a new medium weight blanket last week. Wilco was having a great sale and they were $39! They are a cheaper blanket but I've had good luck with the ones that I have owned previously. I put this new one on him tonight and was pleasantly surprised with the changes that have been made to them. They are cut longer than they used to be and have a different front closure.
Emi inspecting Roz's new blanket. She's very intrigued with blankets!
Lunging Tuesday night
It's always nice to hang out together! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Apparently plastic bags are no big deal for this girl! She heard me rustling around with this bag and came over to check it out. I let her have it and this is what she did. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time Together

It was a perfect day for a trail ride. I got all bundled up, expecting it to be cold, and realized once I got outside I could remove a layer. I locked Emi in her stall with grain, carrots, and hay before cleaning Roz up and getting him loaded. We had a fun and relaxing 4.5 mile trail ride. I just love this November weather!

Once home, I held my breath waiting to see what Emi was up to. She had hay in her mouth and was looking out the gate, but she wasn't crying or being crazy. Yah! After brushing Roz, I turned the ponies out. I kept ahold of Roz for about 10 minutes before letting them go together. 

I kept a close eye on them, and everything went well. Emi ran around quite a bit, but Roz ignored her. It gave me some time to clean the barn up, and get a few things done. Now I'm looking forward to have a short week at work, and getting to spend extra time with these two. The weather is supposed to stay pretty dry so hopefully they will get more pasture time!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Round 2...

Today I tried round 2 of turning Roz and Emi out together. We have been having beautiful (but cold) weather here and the pasture is in great condition. I had been thinking about how I should set up their next turn out session. I opted to put Roz's halter on and turn him out first so that he could play alone. He didn't put on too much of a show. After rolling and a couple passes across the field, he settled down to eat.

In the mean time I was hanging on to Emi near the barn, letting her snack on a little bit of grain. Although she watched him run she wasn't at all hard to handle and was happy to eat. I grabbed a couple of carrots and Emi and I went out to the field to snag Roz. As soon as I had ahold of Roz I took Emi's halter off and let her go. She ran around some, and then settled down to grazing.

After about 10-15 minutes I worked up enough courage to let Roz go. I had texted Tarra to see if she thought I was crazy to try again this soon....and she didn't. After threatening Roz with losing his turn out privileges (for life) if he hurt Emi, I finally let him go. They continued to eat and everything was going well.

I moved back up to the barn so that I could clean their paddock. I'd only been in the barn for a few minutes before I saw our neighbors heading towards the fence. Unfortunately they had their dog with them, who was running along the fence. Emi took that as a good excuse to start running and Roz joined right in. I immediately went back out to the field, trying to head them off. They ran over to me and stopped. I think if Roz could talk he would have said "mom, really it's okay." I told them they were good ponies and went back to cleaning. They were out together for at least an hour and everything went well. They did a little more trotting around the field but it never got crazy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Your cuteness overload for the day...
My mom snuck up on a sleeping Emi...although obviously she woke up. 
Talk about a perfect November day!
Rozzy Ridge

They are so adorable together!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


They say never say never...and it's true. I've always laughed at people who haul their horse with their saddle on, but I did it tonight! It was raining and dark, and I was barely motivated to ride as it was.  During the summer I keep my saddle in my horse trailer tack room, but for the winter it's living in my tack trunk in the barn. Rather than haul it out to the trailer and have to tack and untack Roz in the dark and rain I went ahead and tacked him up in the barn, at home. It was so nice to just have to put his bridle on and ride once we got to the barn. I can see the benefits of hauling your horse tacked up.

He was so filthy tonight and I really only cleaned him up enough to put his saddle on. We looked like total ragamuffins! Thankfully he was wearing a blanket, so we had one clean area to start with. His new amigo that ripped, has since been repaired with the repair kit they sent to me. I'm interested to see how long it holds up. My guess is that it will re-rip, in the same spot, with in a week.

Emi got left behind again tonight and seemed to do okay. My parents checked on her but didn't stay in the barn with her the whole time, like last time. Apparently she was not interested in being soothed by company. My mom said that Emi seemed to be listening for someone to respond to her cries, so she turned on the radio. When Roz and I got back all was quiet in the barn. She was just standing with her butt in the corner and seemed alright. The first two times have to be the hardest so hopefully it gets easier from here on out. It was nice to get Roz out for a ride and it's always worth it once I get the motivation to go.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Little Athlete

I enjoyed hanging out with Emi and Roz today. I took them out in the pasture for a while this afternoon. Emi ran around for a couple minutes before settling down to grazing. After she ate for a while she picked back up with the running around. She put on a pretty good show for those of you who enjoy watching a baby pony run around. We even have a guest appearance from Tarra.  Emi is quite a little athlete. I'm so excited to ride her in a few years!

I'm impressed with how well behaved Roz is, on this new program. You don't see him much in the video but I'm holding him and Emi is doing a drive-by (or run-by) every lap she makes around the field. He totally ignored her and nibbled on what grass he could find. He never once got wild, even with all of her antics. Although I know if I had let him go....he'd have been right there with her.

Standing tied for her grooming prior to turn out 
So fun to play!

They are becoming two peas in a pod
Loves from her Auntie Tarra

Awkward angle but they are so cute sharing a hay pile together

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lonely Pony

Today was the day Emi got left behind while Roz and I went up to NDF for a ride. My dad played babysitter and hung out with her in the barn while we were gone. Previously Roz has been fine leaving the barn, with her crying in the stall. Today, as soon as I loaded him in the trailer and he realized she wasn't coming with us, he started screaming with her. I left right away and when I unloaded him at the barn he was fine.

We had a good ride, despite him having 2 weeks off. His gaits felt even and loose. I can hardly believe he will be 22 in March. That's coming right up! He wanted to be a bit sassy at the canter but I expected that. It only took few quick reminders that he needed to behave, before he settled down. We put in about 35 minutes of work before heading back home.

As soon as we got home and Roz heard Emi cry, he was screaming right back. I let them back out together and all was well in the world. Although my dad did stay with her the whole time he said she didn't do anything stupid, and was not frantic. She would just perfer to have her friend at all times. I don't blame her but I'd like to have my riding horse back too! We will most likely head back up to the barn on Tuesday for round 2. Hopefully a week or two of that and it will be no big deal to be settled in to her stall eating hay for an hour while we ride.

Later this afternoon I headed back outside to clean her up. That's the hard thing about having horses outside in the winter....they get so dirty! Thankfully she doesn't roll like Roz, she just gets dirty from laying down to sleep. I'm glad she enjoys grooming. I got her all cleaned up and even had her tied for a good portion of the time. She gives to presure well and I figured there's no time like the present to begin tying.
After grooming her I stuck my saddle on the gate while I grabbed a few cleaning supplies. She was definitely interested in that! 
While I was cleaning she and Roz were sharing this hay bale by the gate. They act as if they don't already have 3 piles of hay, on their own side of the gate. I guess the hay is always better on the other side of the fence!
Such cute ponies and getting along so well now!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Honeymoon Phase

We may be going through a honeymoon phase...but Emi is one of the nicest babies I've ever worked with. I actually don't have a lot of baby experience, but she is already easier to work with than many of the horses that I've owned.
She has the most kissable nose!

She was super good to have her hooves picked tonight. I almost felt like I had a grown up horse! She's doing much better with her fronts and not only was I able to pick them but I also brushed them off with the brush on the hoof pick.  Her hind legs are totally easier than her fronts, which I didn't expect. I'd say we are well on our way to completing our November hoof picking goal. One fun thing about a young horse, is how easy it is to see progress. It's very rewarding. 

After picking her feet I let her eat her hay while I groomed her. She's not at all ticklish and seems to like being groomed. Roz definitely does not enjoy grooming and is constantly giving me dirty looks. Emi doesn't seem to have a care in the world while I'm grooming her. I pulled out my detangler and sprayed her tail and bum. No problems there. I even sprayed her forelock a few days ago, with no issues. I don't know if she will stay this easy, but I sure hope so! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I got Emi's papers in the mail today. It's really official now!

My dorky dog, Annie, searching for something to eat. 
The best beggar pony around!
A nice shot of the cute babysitter
A classic picture of these two, Emi'd really like to be tall enough to stick her head over the gate, like her brother!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day here in Oregon. The sun was out and it was even warm! I took the opportunity to take Roz and Emi back out in the field. Emi enjoyed playing and they both did some grazing. That girl can move! I thought I had gotten some great video of her trotting until I realized that my phone was not actually recording. You will just have to trust me on this one, and I will get good video some day!

Beautiful. I still can't believe I have my very own Cardi baby out in the field. 

Roz and I were goofing off while Emi played. 
I got some exciting news on Friday. I officially received a big promotion and a raise! I'm excited for the opportunity and it's great timing for me. I realized yesterday that I need to start looking for a local dressage trainer who has lesson horses. I'd really like to make some riding progress in the next few years, before I start riding Emi. I'd prefer to be at the top of my game when I start riding her, rather than coming off of a 3 year break. Come to think of it, I need a 3rd horse. Haha.

I've ridden first level and schooled some second and third. One of my goals for Emi is to get to third level. I know it will be so much easier if I have actually had the opportunity to ride third level, before I do it with her. So, if you are in Oregon and know of a dressage trainer with good school horses, send me their info! I don't mind driving for the right person.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Live & Learn

I tried turning Roz and Emi out again today. I took Roz out with a stud chain on his halter and a nice long rope. I also made sure to have gloves on as I expected him to want to run with Emi. As I opened the gate he got a little spunk in his step but all I had to do was wiggle the chain and he walked out like a gentleman. We stood in the middle of the field while Emi ran around us and explored the field. She wasn't really crazy but definitely enjoyed having more room to play. I never did let Roz go, and I wish that's what I would have done last Saturday. We just hung out in the pasture for about 30 minutes before heading back in to the paddock.

Here's a short video of her greeting me for breakfast, playing in the field, and then checking out their water bucket that I dumped out to clean.

Thankfully her owie from last Saturday is healing really well! Before turning her out I fake tied her and groomed her, then braided her unruly mane. She looks so cute with her braids in! Hoof picking was pretty easy today and I did her hind feet too!
Saucy sassy

The unimpressed big brother.

Next Saturday my dad is going to babysit her for me so that I can take Roz up to the barn to ride. Currently Roz is being held hostage by his babysitting duties! Tarra says I need to just take him, but I'm worried that she could get hung up in the gate or something if she freaked out. Ugh. I think once we do it a few times she will be fine. It's always the first time that's the scariest!
I snuck up on them to get this nap time picture.