Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby Steps

I noticed tonight that my blog has 60 followers. How cool is that? Thank you all for reading along and offering your input and encouragement as we go. It's fun!

Emi and Roz are doing great together. They seemed to have worked things out. He was extra grouchy, even towards me, the first couple of days. He seems happy again now. He must have realized it's fun to have a friend!
Sharing a hay pile last night
I'm trying to start separating them a little bit because I would like to be able to continue riding Roz. Thankfully he isn't at all bothered by her crying for him, so at least I don't have them screaming back and forth. Yesterday I locked her in the stall and groomed him in the barn isle, then I took him outside to graze on the yard. She was crying in the stall and tried to come up with a good way to get out. We were walking back in to the barn when she tipped over their big water tub. Then I had a lovely wet stall to clean up.

Tonight I didn't have as much time so I just pulled Roz out into the isle and left him eating his grain while I cleaned their paddock. Both ate well and aside from looking anxious when I first pulled Roz away Emi did great. Baby steps!

Once they finished their grain, I let Roz go, and haltered Emi. I wanted to groom her and was trying to decide where I we should stand. I realized I could use the bars on the stall front to fake tie her. I looped her rope around two bars and held on to the end. She may as well have been tied. She stood totally still while I groomed her and even had her little foot rested at one point. I decided to pull the slack out of the rope and see what she thought about a little bit of tension. Her response was to just step forward. What a smart girl!
Roz begging for cookies. Emi doesn't know about that...yet. 


  1. Awww! Congrats on 60 followers!!

  2. Love that she seems to be adjusting so well already!

  3. Awesome. So glad they are doing well together. :)

  4. I die of cuteness when I come to your blog now :)

    1. Haha...yes! My blog just got a lot more exciting with the addition of a baby. :)


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