Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blog Hop - Equestrian Bucket List

The Little Bay Princess is hosting a blog hop, and the topic is 3 things on your equestrian bucket list.

I have many things on my bucket list, but here are 3.

1) Attend Rolex- I hope that Tarra and I will be able to attend this in 2015, along with going to the World Cup. It's so cool that some of you live close enough to attend each year.

2) Ride a line of tempi changes.

3) Compete in a long format event, either Novice or Training. I don't really foresee myself ever going higher than that, but I think the experience would be really cool.

Of course there are many other things on my list; getting my bronze medal, winning a neck get the idea. This year I was able to cross off two major things on my list. One was horseback riding in Ireland and the other was my Cardi baby, Winterlake Emerald.
Riding in Ireland
Emi at 3 days old
Everything is going well on the Emi front. I'm so impressed with how well she has settled in. She and Roz seem to be communicating better today. He's definitely the boss, and she seems to have figured out to stay out of his way when he tells her to. This morning they were standing in the middle of the paddock together. When I went out to feed they both whinnied at me, and then she baby mouthed to him. It was the first time I had seen her do that to him.

When I got home tonight he was standing in the middle barn isle and she was in the stall area. She had obviously been laying down as she was covered in shavings. She hadn't really eaten her grain last night, or this morning but was eating hay with no problem. Tonight I moved her grain to a different feeder and top dressed it with apple pieces, and she ate! Once she finished with her grain, I groomed her while she ate her hay. She then followed me around the paddock while I picked up poop. I think she's going to be just fine!

I know these next 6 months or so are probably going to be the hardest for me. Not only are we getting a routine figured out, but most of my time outside will be in the dark. The muddy season is quickly coming too. Once we hit spring I will have two beautiful shedding ponies, extra daylight, and spring grass. I just love spring time!


  1. Glad you got two off your list :) Would be so cool to ride tempis!

  2. Emi is probably the cutest bucket list entry ever.

    1. Aww...thanks! I think she's pretty darn cute, but I'm biased.


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