Saturday, November 2, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Miss Emi came home today! Tarra and I set off this morning, with Roz in tow, to pick her up. We loaded up pretty quickly once we got to Cindy's, because all of the horses were starting to get amped up. Despite having horses running around she loaded well! It took less than a minute to get her in. She hauled quietly on her hour and a half trip home. Once we got home she wasn't so sure about getting out of the trailer....
How many people does it take to unload a horse?
We ended up somewhat just pushing her out. She had put her front feet on the ground twice but pulled herself back into the trailer. She would have been content to stand in the trailer all day!  It's funny because Cindy's horse trailer is a step up as well and that's what we practiced in last week. Apparently ours seemed different, or she wasn't ready to step out in to a strange new world! Once she got out Tarra unloaded Roz and we headed back to the barn. All of the sudden our dogs started barking and Emi shot forwarded. I wasn't quite ready for her so she was near the end of the rope before I really got with her. Roz was in front of us and he scooted forward too. Thankfully Tarra was able to turn him in a circle and that stopped Emi from making any more progress. As soon as we got them stopped they were fine.
Meeting Roz
We took them in to the paddock and let them sniff before I let her go. Roz seemed unconcerned so we ended up letting him go too. She followed Roz around and although he gave her a couple dirty looks they seemed to be getting along well. Emi really didn't seem too anxious about her move and there was not any running or screaming. I gave them a few different piles of hay and they both settled in eating. 
They are so cute!
Fancy girl
Sharing their hay
At this point I decided to go pick up Tolo since Tarra and I were also moving him to his new home today. Everything went smoothly with that and I think he found a great new owner. 

I got back home around 5pm and Emi and Roz were just hanging out happily in the paddock. I decided to turn them out for an hour or so before bringing them in for dinner. It got a little bit interesting from here. 

They ran around and everything seemed to be going okay until Roz decided to start chasing Emi around.
 Emi was sandwiched between Roz and the fence when he pinned his ears, and bared his teeth at her! She ended up running in the fence a little bit and skinned a spot on her flank. At this point I was trying to catch them, but good luck catching two running horses! They were moving away from the barn but Roz cut Emi off and turned her back towards the fence (and barn). Luckily at that moment he slipped and fell hard onto his side, then flipped over to the other side before getting up. Emi had continued to trot up the fence line so we opened the paddock gate and she trotted right in to us. 

I was happy to have them separated! My mom grabbed an apple for Emi and I went out in the field to catch Roz who had gotten up and continued to run around. Once I got him, I brought him back in to the paddock as well and held him for a bit while I checked Emi out. She didn't really seem any worse for the wear and he was totally fine with her when we let him go. The whole thing happened in less than 5 minutes but it's 5 minutes I would prefer to not repeat! Unfortunately he's so just big and fast compared to her. Their turn out situation is definitely going to need to be managed for a while. 

Overall, I've been super impressed with how well she has settled in. She's such a good baby! 


  1. I was reading along feeling all warm and fuzzy about how well your two beautiful bays were settling in together and then you poured ice water in my veins with that turn-out story! So much can happen in a MINUTE; I'm so glad neither got hurt!

    1. I know! It was terrifying and just reminds you how quickly and easily accidents happen. It seems like they got things figured out a bit better today. For now there will be no big pasture turn out together, for quite some time. It's just too dangerous to risk and once the running (and/or chasing) starts, it's hard to get stopped.

  2. Aw such a nice post :) So cute.

  3. Congrats on bringing her home! It looks like she's going to fit in perfectly.

  4. WOOHOO!! I am so excited that Emi is finally home! She is so freaking adorable -- I am very happy for you!!

  5. that initial status jostling can get SO scary with babies!!

  6. Maybe once she is bigger and stronger she can go out with him. It's weird they were out for so long together and THEN there was a problem. Bad boy, Roz!


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