Friday, November 29, 2013

If It's Not One Thing....

It's another! Tuesday night I noticed a red spot on my eye. It seemed a little better on Wednesday morning when I put my contacts in. Wednesday late afternoon I looked into a mirror at work and was shocked to see almost my whole eye was red! My first thought was that I could not have pink eye with Thanksgiving being the very next day! Luckily, I don't think I have pink eye. It is slowly clearing up, but I'm not sure what caused the problem. Weird!

Then, last night I was all set to make a blog post, and then my computer crashed. Sad day! It's a 4 year old macbook pro that I've never had any trouble with. From what the Mac Store people said, it looks like it's probably the connection to the hard drive, not the hard drive itself. So my computer is off at the doctor. Hopefully it will come home as good as new, and not cost me an arm and a leg in repairs!

I've got some cute photos to share, but may not do anything with them until my computer returns home. The horses are doing well and have gotten some good pasture time the last few days. It looks like our rain is going to return for a few days, before the sun comes back out later next week.

On a cool note, Roz got a new medium weight blanket last week. Wilco was having a great sale and they were $39! They are a cheaper blanket but I've had good luck with the ones that I have owned previously. I put this new one on him tonight and was pleasantly surprised with the changes that have been made to them. They are cut longer than they used to be and have a different front closure.
Emi inspecting Roz's new blanket. She's very intrigued with blankets!
Lunging Tuesday night
It's always nice to hang out together! 


  1. You'll have to visit my dressage blog and take a look at my friend's new Cob girl. I was pretty impressed at our first meeting!

  2. I'm glad your eye is getting better. Sorry about your computer... that sucks! I'm glad it wasn't the hard drive itself though so you shouldn't have lost anything on it.


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