Tuesday, November 19, 2013


They say never say never...and it's true. I've always laughed at people who haul their horse with their saddle on, but I did it tonight! It was raining and dark, and I was barely motivated to ride as it was.  During the summer I keep my saddle in my horse trailer tack room, but for the winter it's living in my tack trunk in the barn. Rather than haul it out to the trailer and have to tack and untack Roz in the dark and rain I went ahead and tacked him up in the barn, at home. It was so nice to just have to put his bridle on and ride once we got to the barn. I can see the benefits of hauling your horse tacked up.

He was so filthy tonight and I really only cleaned him up enough to put his saddle on. We looked like total ragamuffins! Thankfully he was wearing a blanket, so we had one clean area to start with. His new amigo that ripped, has since been repaired with the repair kit they sent to me. I'm interested to see how long it holds up. My guess is that it will re-rip, in the same spot, with in a week.

Emi got left behind again tonight and seemed to do okay. My parents checked on her but didn't stay in the barn with her the whole time, like last time. Apparently she was not interested in being soothed by company. My mom said that Emi seemed to be listening for someone to respond to her cries, so she turned on the radio. When Roz and I got back all was quiet in the barn. She was just standing with her butt in the corner and seemed alright. The first two times have to be the hardest so hopefully it gets easier from here on out. It was nice to get Roz out for a ride and it's always worth it once I get the motivation to go.


  1. Sounds like you were streamlining your ride :)

    Glad Emi was good at home!

  2. Sometimes you just have to make things that lead up to the ride quick and easy so you can just get on and enjoy the ride! I give up brushing anything but the saddle area in the winter. If I fretted about it I'd ride very little and be choked on mud dust. Kudos on streamlining things so you could get out and have fun. =)

  3. I like hauling with the saddle on for greenies who are good in the trailer. It's just one less thing to worry about when you get there.

    I'd probably be a lot more worried about it if my saddle was something other than a $200 stubben from eBay. ;-)

    1. I did think about what harm could come to my saddle but I couldn't come up with much...and my saddle is older.

  4. What a great idea to turn on the radio for Emi! I'm glad she's figuring out that it's nothing to worry about having her buddy taken away. It's good to start young like that.

    When it's cold and I'm unmotivated I only clean the saddle area too. :)

  5. Radio is a good idea. Hopefully she will continue to get better!

  6. I don't like hauling with tack on either :-) Great idea about leaving a radio on!


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