Saturday, November 23, 2013

Round 2...

Today I tried round 2 of turning Roz and Emi out together. We have been having beautiful (but cold) weather here and the pasture is in great condition. I had been thinking about how I should set up their next turn out session. I opted to put Roz's halter on and turn him out first so that he could play alone. He didn't put on too much of a show. After rolling and a couple passes across the field, he settled down to eat.

In the mean time I was hanging on to Emi near the barn, letting her snack on a little bit of grain. Although she watched him run she wasn't at all hard to handle and was happy to eat. I grabbed a couple of carrots and Emi and I went out to the field to snag Roz. As soon as I had ahold of Roz I took Emi's halter off and let her go. She ran around some, and then settled down to grazing.

After about 10-15 minutes I worked up enough courage to let Roz go. I had texted Tarra to see if she thought I was crazy to try again this soon....and she didn't. After threatening Roz with losing his turn out privileges (for life) if he hurt Emi, I finally let him go. They continued to eat and everything was going well.

I moved back up to the barn so that I could clean their paddock. I'd only been in the barn for a few minutes before I saw our neighbors heading towards the fence. Unfortunately they had their dog with them, who was running along the fence. Emi took that as a good excuse to start running and Roz joined right in. I immediately went back out to the field, trying to head them off. They ran over to me and stopped. I think if Roz could talk he would have said "mom, really it's okay." I told them they were good ponies and went back to cleaning. They were out together for at least an hour and everything went well. They did a little more trotting around the field but it never got crazy.


  1. Glad that this time went more smoothly! She is precious. Love the pictures you got.

  2. Yay success! I love that third picture! I'm glad they are getting along in the big pasture now. :)


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