Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time Together

It was a perfect day for a trail ride. I got all bundled up, expecting it to be cold, and realized once I got outside I could remove a layer. I locked Emi in her stall with grain, carrots, and hay before cleaning Roz up and getting him loaded. We had a fun and relaxing 4.5 mile trail ride. I just love this November weather!

Once home, I held my breath waiting to see what Emi was up to. She had hay in her mouth and was looking out the gate, but she wasn't crying or being crazy. Yah! After brushing Roz, I turned the ponies out. I kept ahold of Roz for about 10 minutes before letting them go together. 

I kept a close eye on them, and everything went well. Emi ran around quite a bit, but Roz ignored her. It gave me some time to clean the barn up, and get a few things done. Now I'm looking forward to have a short week at work, and getting to spend extra time with these two. The weather is supposed to stay pretty dry so hopefully they will get more pasture time!


  1. They are so cute together. I love your matching bays.

  2. I so wanted to ride yesterday! Alas, work around the place kept us busy all day. Hopefully the arena footing thaws again today before I have to leave for Brian's violin lesson....


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