Saturday, December 28, 2013


We had a perfect December day today. It started off foggy, but by early afternoon the sun came out and it warmed up. Emi and Roz got some much needed time outside. I kept a hold of Roz for the first 30 minutes while Emi frolicked about. Once she settled down I let him go and they spent another hour grazing, while I cleaned up their stall and paddock. Emi put on quite a show today and I think she is going to make a great little eventing pony.  Check her out!

She's quite athletic!
She was jumping over this tiny ditch. Too cute!

After I brought them in, I cleaned Roz up. Since he's such a mud hog his tail has gotten really gross. I left Emi loose in the paddock and took Roz outside the barn, tying him to the horse trailer. I washed his nasty tail and his legs. Emi whinnied and kept an eye on us, but definitely did better than when she is locked in the stall. Once I was done with the hose I took Roz back in the barn and tied him in the isle, cleaning up the rest of him. He cleaned up nicely and was beautiful by the time I was done. Of course he promptly rolled when I let him go again. 
Next I went to work on Emi. Her hind socks have gotten pretty stained and I had decided I wanted to clean them up. I didn't think she was going to take kindly to the cold hose so I brought out a bucket of warm water and a rag. I had already sprayed her socks with ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener, so all I did was rinse them. It definitely worked and they look quite a bit better.


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