Sunday, December 8, 2013

Purina Model

Emi would like to apply to be a Purina model. She had her first photo shoot today. Actually, she was being quite sassy and seemed to need something to keep her occupied while I cleaned their paddock. She tried knocking over the wheelbarrow and then got a hold of the rake. At that point I figured I better find something else for her to play with. I pulled out an empty feed bag and set it on the ground for her. She had a blast with it! She's doing a great job desensitizing herself.

Roz is funny because although he is not spooky, he doesn't really care for "scary" stuff. He will tolerate it if he has to, but he won't go looking for it. He was cute to watch because he was keeping a close eye on Emi, but at the same time my dad and brother were sledding, so he was keeping a watchful eye on them too.


  1. Emmi and Grayson would have a hay day together!

  2. You need to get her grabbing a SmartPak catalog in a similar fashion and I'm pretty sure she may sneak into publication over there somehow :) They have before!

    1. That would be fun. I should try it. She will pretty much play with anything so it might work! :)

  3. I literally LOL'd the background photobomb.


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