Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blog Hop: Show Me Your Barn

Currently both of my horses live at home....and it's really a hobby sheep farm, that my parents are gracious enough to squeeze in a couple of horses on.  Lambing season is coming up, so be prepared for more photos like this!

View of the Barn:

Here's a photo of our small barn.

Horses Living Space

The barn was originally set up with one horse stall, a pen for our 4-H steers, and then storage space.  The horse stall has been turned in to a dog kennel, and the steer pen is now the horses stall. Rarely do the horses get locked in their "stall" for any reason. Especially with two of them now, I'd only lock one in temporarily if I needed somewhere to put them. Roz really dislikes being stuck in a stall and Emi hasn't ever been stalled more than just an hour or two when I've taken Roz away.
Roz locked in the stall for visitors to pet him last spring
The view from the back of the barn in their paddock. The gate for the stall swings out across the barn isle, basically giving the horses 12x24 barn space.

The view of their barn space from the front side. The stall front on the left is the dog kennel, although it was used for my horse many years ago.

The paddock this fall after laying down more hog fuel. Sadly it doesn't look like this right now. 
When the ground is not too soft they are turned out on the pasture. Once summer hits they will be out 24x7.
View of the Tack Room

Sadly I don't have a tack room...but I do have 2 tack trunks, and I use my trailer tack room during the summer months. It was never really the plan to have horses at home since we don't have an arena. I've boarded for years, but having an old horse and a baby has made keeping them at home a really nice option.

One tack trunk that has my saddle, their halters and Roz's bridle, and then their brushes. 
View of Where We Ride:

I'm super blessed to be able to ride Roz at NDF. This is the barn I boarded at when I had a real riding horse. It's about 10 minutes away, and if it weren't for a third of the drive being on gravel it would be even less than that. This is the same place that Tarra keeps Mystic, so it's nice to be able to ride together. 
The arena
Hay fields for riding in during the summer and fall 
University owned forest land with in walking distance of the barn
Coming back to NDF after a trail ride
My Favorite Feature:

I love having my horses at home. I would love to have my own property at some point, with an outdoor arena. I enjoy taking care of them and being in control of every aspect of their care. It's definitely more work than boarding but I find it to be very rewarding and I love spending time in the barn with them.


  1. You're so luck to have such a great facility at home!

    1. Thanks. I really enjoy having them at home.

  2. Very nice to be able to keep them at home.

  3. THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER. How do you even manage?

    PS totes jeally of the boarding facility too. So nice.

    1. Haha. Thanks! I think they are pretty cute, but I know I'm biased.

  4. So nice that you are able to keep them at your parents - and it is lovely!

  5. Baby sheep! It really sounds like you have the perfect setup there. My parents have a similar setup, and they did keep my pony there for a couple months before we sold him on my summer break from college, but my mom is always nervous about it.

    1. It really has been nice. I've enjoyed having them here.


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