Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fun

There's a big rain storm coming in over here but thankfully it was dry when I got off work tonight, as I had plans to ride Roz. The trailer was all hooked up so all I needed to do was change and clean him up before we left. Roz was so muddy! I just had him clean on Sunday but apparently you can put a lot of mud on in just a few days. I'm glad he is wearing a blanket or else I wouldn't have ever gotten him clean enough to ride! He was still pretty dirty when I saddled him up, and took him out to the trailer. I was on my own tonight as none of my family was home. He loaded easily and didn't try any funny business with trying to get back out. Brave Emi didn't even whinny for him until after he was loaded. 

He was great for our ride. He did whinny a little bit, but he wasn't stupid about it. We rode for about 45 minutes with quite a bit of walking. We also had some company in the arena, for most of our ride, so it was nice to have friends to chat with. I was near the end of my ride when I looked down and noticed that my right hand had a big smear of blood across the back of it. Umm...I have no idea where that came frome. I immediately got off Roz and looked him over, but I couldn't find anything. (side note-I checked Emi and the dogs when I got home, and couldn't find any blood on them. Weird!)
Where did that come from!?
A very handsome (and very dirty) Rozzy Ridge. He's very good at posing for pictures. 
I held my breath when we got home and was pleased that there was no screaming from either horse.  Emi was outside of the barn and was perfectly calm. I fed them their dinner and groomed Emi. She doesn't roll (yet), so she's relatively easy to keep clean. She munched on her hay while I played beauty parlor. It's so fun to have a horse that likes being groomed! Tomorrow we are going to get back to working with the clippers and I think Roz is going to get his legs and tail washed. They are so gross! 

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  1. Aw, fluffy ponies! I've been snowed in, so I saw my nasty and muddy horse for the first time in over a week yesterday. I don't even want to talk about his mane, LOL.


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