Friday, January 3, 2014


The ponies got their pedicures today. Roz was naughty to catch but redeemed himself a little bit by standing like a gentleman for his trim. His feet are looking good although he does have a slight crack in his right front. It's been there for a couple of trim cycles now and doesn't seem to be changing. I realized after the farrier and I talked about it last time, that he had a crack as long as I can remember while in shoes. Once we switched him to be barefoot it went away until recently. At this point it isn't causing any problems and it pretty small so I'm just keeping an eye on it.

Emi was up second. The farrier asked how old she was and commented that she isn't at an awkward stage yet; she still looks well balanced. I told him I thought she would be decent because she is great with her feet for me. Well...that baby girl made me proud today. She was awesome! He's super patient and introduced himself to her, petting her and letting her smell his tools. She tried to pull back once, on both front feet, but was pretty easy overall. I had meant to have a few treats in my pocket but I forgot to grab any before he started. Instead I let her play with her lead rope and nose around on my jacket. He got the job done efficiently and was finished in no time. Once he was done he petted her some more and said she did excellent. He said a lot of babies are very fidgety or try to bite him, so it was nice to work on a well behaved one. I think she's doing well but it's always nice to have someone else confirm it.

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