Sunday, January 19, 2014


It's been busy around here but nothing too exciting. Emi got her booster vaccine on Thursday. She was great, as always. Since I got off work early, I took the opportunity to ride Roz. The barn was pretty quiet when we arrived and I let him roll in the arena before hopping on. Pretty much as soon as I got on him he started screaming for a friend. Seriously!? This horse as never cared about company...until now! I decided that if he wanted to be a twit he could work. It's harder to scream for your friends when mom requires you to be straight, forward, and obedient. soon as he was given a long rein for a walk break, the screaming was back. Ugh.

I rode him again today and had the exact same issue. He is working nicely but he really wants to be upset over being by himself.  I can't decide whether he is really that attached to Emi or if he is getting senile! She's at home happily eating hay and he's at the barn throwing a fit! It's so unusual for him, but I have not noticed any other weird behavior from him, so I'm thinking he's just attached. He will be happy tomorrow because we are taking her with us for a ponying session. It should be fun!
Trying to get two horses and one girl in a photo is difficult!

When I brought Roz home I took Emi out for some hand grazing. It's great for her to explore the farm and spend some time hanging out with me. I measured her today and she's grown an inch in the past month, so she's currently 12.1hh. 

Checking out my mom's raised garden bed

Mane training is going well!


  1. Bah, hate when horses get attached and start screaming. But at the same time, it's sweet that they're such good buddies.

  2. Emi is so cute! I just love all her fluff. :)

  3. She is so stinkin' cute. If he's been an only horse for a while and now has a buddy, he may be super attached.


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