Monday, February 24, 2014


What do sunshine and lambs have in common (besides photos). I don't know about you, but to me they say spring! I'm so excited that spring is on the way. I had the chance to get some sweet photos on Saturday.  This was really the first sunny day these lambs had seen, and they were soaking it up!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

And Now...

Back to our regular schedule of rain. I thought we were going to get one more day of sunshine. Tarra and I had a trail ride planned for this afternoon. It started to sprinkle on my drive home for church, and rained a little bit on my haul to the barn, but the rain pretty much held off until after our ride. I had turned the horses out before I left for church, so they got a couple of hours out on the pasture, and Roz was nice and quiet for our ride. I haven't ridden him bareback much lately, since he's been such a nut, but I suspected he'd be good today. I left his saddle behind and I didn't regret it for a minute. Yah for decent weather and good ponies.
My view

Back at the barn

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Not that this is anything new...but Emi is a superstar. She loaded like a champ today, for her monthly trek to NDF, and unloaded easily too! We explored the barn for a few minutes while Tarra finished getting Mystic ready. Tarra was riding bareback and bridleless, and was going to ride in the arena before ponying Emi around the fields. Almost as soon as we got in to the arena Emi started bouncing around at the end of her lead. She was ready to RUN. We decided it would be smart to just let her go. She ran around quite a bit. Once I put her halter back on she was much more settled. Thankfully she doesn't have that much stamina, so crazy for her is nothing compared to Roz.

I video taped Tarra's ride, and Emi watched them so intently. It was really cute. It was one of those times where you really do wonder what they are thinking. Once Tarra finished, Emi and I practiced trotting in hand, for her horse show in April. She trots with me pretty well, but she was tossing her head and being sassy. I'm hoping that gets better with more practice. She tried cantering and bucking a couple of times but I just turned her in a circle and continued on. She's really very responsive in the halter, and stops when she hits the end of the rope. That makes handling her pretty easy. Next I handed her over to Tarra for them to go outside. She was fairly tired at that point but Mystic didn't mind, since he's a slow poke anyway.

She loaded beautifully for the trip home, but yet again, she was slow to get out at home. I waited her out and after a couple of minutes standing in the trailer she jumped out. Since it was gorgeous and sunny today, she and Roz got to spend the rest of the day out on pasture. They loved it!

Beautiful girl
Bucking at the neighbors dog
Rozzy Ridge was sleepy
He is so darn cute
Sunbathing in February?! We'll take it. 
Life is good

Thursday, February 20, 2014

8 Months

Miss Emi turns 8 months old today. I measured her tonight and she is now 12.2hh. We have a field trip planned for Saturday, so that will be fun.

I had a good ride on Roz tonight. I decided to be proactive, rather than reactive, and put him on the lunge line to start. Of course he was fairly quiet and I think he would have been fine with out the extra warm up time. Once I got on, it was nice to have a relaxed horse. We had some good work, and I'm looking forward to getting him going better again.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


One day the ponies weren't really shedding...and now, overnight, both are shedding quite a bit! I love this time of year. It makes grooming so much more satisfying. Both of my ponies have quite a bit of hair, so it's definitely going to take a while to get them shed out.

I rode Roz tonight, and I'm pleased to report that there was no screaming from either horse when I took him away. Things definitely seem to have settled down. I'm thankful they can leave each other and not be so upset. Now the biggest issue I'm dealing with, is that Roz has been spooky (for him) the past two times I've had him out. I'm thinking that it may just be a combination of the weather, and him having too much energy, but it is unusual for him to spook at all. We had been walking and talking for about 45 minutes tonight, when he decided to spook at a dog by the arena door. The dog had been there for quite some time so it was definitely an excuse. Once I asked him to trot he spooked at the dog again, and I opted to put him on the lunge line. It was good for him to work things out on his own and he was pretty frisky. He will get tomorrow off and be back to work on Thursday.

Since the weather has been crummy and I haven't been able to ride much, I've been doing some online shopping....I just purchased a pair of Ariat Breda H2O boots, on closeout from Smartpak. I received them today and I really like them. I wanted something a bit better than my bogs, for riding in on lazy days. I think these will be perfect and they were totally comfortable tonight.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'll Take It

Apparently taking a 1.5 week break did Roz some good! I wasn't able to ride him over the weekend, due to the snow and I expected to have a difficult horse on my hands tonight. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised! I loaded him up with out a peep from him or Emi. He was quiet in the trailer when we arrived at the barn, and I left him standing in there while I chatted with Tarra. Under saddle he was very energetic but well behaved. He was also good for the trip home. Yah! I seem to have my normal horse back. I'm not sure what that is all about, but I'll take it!

Last night I started filling out the entry form for Emi's first show. It's on April 26th and I'm so excited for it! It will be such a good experience for her to be exposed to the showing environment and get to take in all of the new experiences. Hopefully Tarra and Mystic are going to tag along, so we will have a nice steady pony to learn from.

Edited to add: The little stinker put her foot in the wheelbarrow last night (Thursday). She always messes with it, and I'm surprised she hasn't tipped it over yet. She was standing by it, doing her usual perusal, and I turned around to find her hoof in it. She was unconcerned, but was trying to figure out how to get her hoof back out. She let me come around to her side of the wheelbarrow and assist her. I love how low drama she is!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cuddly Girl

Despite the damper the snow has put on things, I've been enjoying my time with Emi. She was adorable playing in the snow. Yesterday I pulled out the new tarp I had purchased to use to torture play with her. She really didn't mind it at all.  I rubbed it on her before laying it across her back. She was mildly cautious but she was most interested in the carrots I was providing.

Tonight she was super cuddly. She was smelling me all over, nuzzling me, and was thrilled to get her neck and ears rubbed. She is such a sweetie! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Taken from Ranch Girl Diaries.

1. What is your favorite breed/s of horse, and if you could purchase a new horse what breed would it be?
Well you should pretty much all be able to guess that my current favorite breed would be Welsh Cobs! Although I really like a lot of different horse breeds. I'd love to own a haflinger, a connemara, a leopard POA, and of course several more welsh cobs some day. 

2. What is your favorite personal tack item?
I really like my saddle. It originally belonged to a very good friend of mine and I've always found it to be very comfortable. A more recent favorite item would be the fancy browbands I have gotten to design with Amelia at Dark Jewel Designs

3. Horse products you swear by?
I don't have a horse product I swear by. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer I'm much more careful about products that I use on my horses, just so I don't get exposed to as many chemicals. 

4. Rider products or items you swear by?
I LOVE my bog boots and although they are not actually made for riding I have been known to ride in them when I'm feeling lazy. They are so comfortable and keep me warm, which is very much appreciated with our current weather.

5. Favorite tack catalogs to shop from?
I love shopping from Smartpak! I look at Dover but don't often buy from them (for many reasons). I also enjoying shopping with Victory Canter. 

6. Is your home decorated "horsey", as in western or equestrian-themed?
Not really, although I do have several framed photos of both Roz and Emi. 

7. Do you wear horse, Western, or equestrian-themed jewelry?
No, not normally.  

8. A style of riding you'd like to try sometime?
I'd like to ride a really nice hunter some day. I'd just like to take it through a few courses, not necessarily own one. 

9. Biggest lesson you've learned about horses?
I think horses teach so many lessons but persistence is probably one of the biggest ones. My journey with horses has been full of ups and downs, but I keep coming back and am slowly making progress. 

10. What horse issues bother you the most?
I'm totally stealing this answer from Ranch Girl. "Where do I start? The biggest ones are abuse in training, whatever breed. Especially in the show world, it blows my mind what people do to horses to get the win. Do they even really love or care about horses, their welfare, and how they learn? I can't imagine. I'm talking those in the gaited horse world with soring and huge shoes, Arabian halter classes, head tying, etc. Every discipline has their share of bad and abusive trainers who want quick results."

11. Favorite horse magazines to read, or do you just read blogs/online sites?
I totally love reading every one's blog but I also get Practical Horseman and Dressage Today. I like keeping up on the current horse news and the educational articles. We are always learning!

12. Do you ever look on Craigslist or Dreamhorse or for horses or tack? For fun or real?
Yes! I definitely browse craigslist and dreamhorse. I enjoy fake horse shopping a lot more than shopping for real. When you aren't shopping you always find something you'd like, and when you are shopping you can't find a thing! My most recent finds: A project pony, a schoolmaster, or if I could afford another Cob

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Musical Blankets

This crazy weather has been causing me to change Roz's blanket every day. Last winter I left him naked, since he grows a very nice winter coat. With plans to ride him this winter I knew I'd need to keep a blanket on him if I ever wanted him clean enough to ride. I purchased a new turn out sheet, an Amigo Mio, earlier this year. That's the blanket that ripped right away. Thankfully the patch has held. I have a nice Rhino Wug that Roz has had for many years, which I was going to use for our medium weight. Sadly, I had forgotten that Chevy broke one of the front snaps last year, and it's just not fitting well through his shoulders. That leaves me with a cheap Saxon medium weight, that I got a couple of months ago. I had that layered with his cooler and was finally happy with the fit, when I went out this morning it had a hole in it. It's been getting a lot of wear with being covered in ice the past couple days. I think I will patch it up but I'm sure it won't last another winter.

I definitely need to go blanket shopping for before next winter. I always go for cheap, but I'm seriously considering buying both a sheet and a medium weight in the Smartpak indestructible blanket. What is your favorite blanket?

On the weather front, we were stuck at home today. This is the snow and ice that my car, Dory, is stuck in.  It's supposed to warm up tomorrow so hopefully we will be free!

I took the time at home as an opportunity to clean my tack. I just bought new stirrup leathers so I oiled them and put them on my saddle. I've also started my project for using Roz's final pair of horse shoes. I will post that when I'm finished with it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow & Cold

This cold weather is definitely putting a damper on my riding plans, but that's how it goes. I've enjoyed watching the horses play in the snow. They don't seem to mind it, except that it's hard to find grass! More snow photos below. We have 6 lambs now but I haven't had a good chance to get photos since they are all staying inside on these cold days. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day (again)

We are getting snow here again...which is very rare for us. We've had an unusually dry winter and now the second set of snow for the year. It's crazy! We are definitely an area of the state the shuts down when this kind of weather happens. That meant I got to leave work early and I came home to play. I was actually sitting happily on the couch and my brother wanted someone to take photos of him sledding. Once I went outside I ended up doing a little bit of sledding and then taking pics of the puppies and the ponies. It was fun! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I rode Roz after work tonight and it was actually still light outside when I went out to catch him. It was awesome! Only another month before the time will change too. I love the longer days, and it makes it so much easier to be motivated to haul up to the barn when it's not dark. It's also easier to do when you have a friend you are riding with, and when your horse is not muddy. Yah!

Roz was pretty good tonight. He was very forward and didn't need to scream for friends since we had riding company. We did a lot of walking with some trot work and a little bit of canter. He used to have a beautiful canter but you can definitely feel how stiff it has gotten over the past couple of years. It's also worse tracking right. It sucks to get old!

Emi appears to have a mild case of hives. They are pretty much only on her face, up near her eyes and down her cheeks. They are not itchy and don't seem to be bothering her at all. I noticed them last night but I think she has a few more tonight. I'm not sure if she ate something out in the field over the weekend that may have caused it, or what might be going on. I'm definitely keeping an eye on them! I do think that she has finally learned about rolling. I was so hoping she would not pick up on that, but she has been more dirty than usual the past few days.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Lambs, my adorable nephew, and of course, Emi. No words needed. :)