Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Goals

January Goals Review

1) We are going for an exact repeat on this one. I will report tomorrow if it works!  

"To continue last months goals, I need to figure out a better way to get Roz out riding, with out stressing Emi out. We are going to try letting her stay out in the paddock, closer to the sheep. I will give that a try when my dad has a chance to babysit her."

This was a resounding yes! Leaving Emi out in the paddock while I take Roz riding is working much better. For whatever reason Roz is being a lot worse, but at least Emi is doing well. 

2) Get her comfortable with clippers. I used them on her once, probably around 3 months old and she was really good about them. I pulled them out today and she has no interest in those buzzy things being by her...anyone have any good clipper tips? Roz has always been great with them. 

The clippers are coming along great. I worked with them quite a bit earlier this month and used my clicker and treats to help us with it. Then I needed to get a new extension cord so I didn't do anything with them for a few weeks. Yesterday I finally got a new extension cord and we played with the clippers again last night. She was awesome! You could definitely tell that we had worked on them. I don't actually have anything I want to clip on her, but she will put her nose all over it, let it be rubbed on her neck, up by her ears etc.  Success on this one for sure. 

3) Another field trip to NDF for more ponying. 

We did get in another ponying trip. Emi was awesome and we ponied around the big hay fields at the barn with out any trouble. 

4) Work on training her mane by keeping it braided. 

Her mane is getting better, although this is definitely a work in progress. It's getting longer and I will be interested to see when it will change to more of a horse mane texture rather than the frizzy baby hair she currently has. 

February Goals

There's nothing too exciting happening this month....I can't wait until the summer when the real fun will begin! 

1) Take her on another field trip to NDF for ponying and some work in hand. I think we will leave Roz at home this time and see if her Auntie Tarra will pony her off of Mystic. 

2) I purchased a tarp yesterday and plan to introduce her to it. By the way she plays 
with feed bags and plastic things I don't think it will be an issue. 

Look at who is getting tall enough to stick her head over the fence!


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