Saturday, February 1, 2014


It was a lovely Saturday! Sunny and nice, with plenty of time spent with the ponies. I tried to get a good photo of Emi's feathers today...and you can kind of see it in the pictures below. It's so cute!

I rode Roz last night and then again this morning. He's being a bit better than he has been. He was actually quite good today. We went on a trail ride with Tarra and Mystic. He wasn't as hot as he normally is and did pretty much the whole ride on the buckle. Normally I have to really ride him on the way out and he will come home quietly on the buckle. It was just the relaxing ride I needed. We were out for about an hour and had a nice time riding and visiting. 

When we finished riding Tarra and I went to a local farm store. They have a big February sale so I stocked up on bedding and grain. I usually go through 4 bags per month. Roz goes through 3 bags of grain in the time it take Emi to go through one! It's nice to have their feed in the barn for the rest of the month. I am nearing the end of my hay supply and will most likely have to buy a ton sometime in March. I figured I was probably going to be a little bit short when I purchased hay this summer, but we don't have enough barn space to store all of the hay, alfalfa, and straw that we need for the horses and sheep, for the entire year.  I can't wait for the spring grass when they will hardly need any feed! 


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