Sunday, February 9, 2014


Taken from Ranch Girl Diaries.

1. What is your favorite breed/s of horse, and if you could purchase a new horse what breed would it be?
Well you should pretty much all be able to guess that my current favorite breed would be Welsh Cobs! Although I really like a lot of different horse breeds. I'd love to own a haflinger, a connemara, a leopard POA, and of course several more welsh cobs some day. 

2. What is your favorite personal tack item?
I really like my saddle. It originally belonged to a very good friend of mine and I've always found it to be very comfortable. A more recent favorite item would be the fancy browbands I have gotten to design with Amelia at Dark Jewel Designs

3. Horse products you swear by?
I don't have a horse product I swear by. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer I'm much more careful about products that I use on my horses, just so I don't get exposed to as many chemicals. 

4. Rider products or items you swear by?
I LOVE my bog boots and although they are not actually made for riding I have been known to ride in them when I'm feeling lazy. They are so comfortable and keep me warm, which is very much appreciated with our current weather.

5. Favorite tack catalogs to shop from?
I love shopping from Smartpak! I look at Dover but don't often buy from them (for many reasons). I also enjoying shopping with Victory Canter. 

6. Is your home decorated "horsey", as in western or equestrian-themed?
Not really, although I do have several framed photos of both Roz and Emi. 

7. Do you wear horse, Western, or equestrian-themed jewelry?
No, not normally.  

8. A style of riding you'd like to try sometime?
I'd like to ride a really nice hunter some day. I'd just like to take it through a few courses, not necessarily own one. 

9. Biggest lesson you've learned about horses?
I think horses teach so many lessons but persistence is probably one of the biggest ones. My journey with horses has been full of ups and downs, but I keep coming back and am slowly making progress. 

10. What horse issues bother you the most?
I'm totally stealing this answer from Ranch Girl. "Where do I start? The biggest ones are abuse in training, whatever breed. Especially in the show world, it blows my mind what people do to horses to get the win. Do they even really love or care about horses, their welfare, and how they learn? I can't imagine. I'm talking those in the gaited horse world with soring and huge shoes, Arabian halter classes, head tying, etc. Every discipline has their share of bad and abusive trainers who want quick results."

11. Favorite horse magazines to read, or do you just read blogs/online sites?
I totally love reading every one's blog but I also get Practical Horseman and Dressage Today. I like keeping up on the current horse news and the educational articles. We are always learning!

12. Do you ever look on Craigslist or Dreamhorse or for horses or tack? For fun or real?
Yes! I definitely browse craigslist and dreamhorse. I enjoy fake horse shopping a lot more than shopping for real. When you aren't shopping you always find something you'd like, and when you are shopping you can't find a thing! My most recent finds: A project pony, a schoolmaster, or if I could afford another Cob


  1. Great answers, I loved learning more about you! I would love to have a connemara someday, too. one of my favorites was Erin go Braugh I think he just passed away. When I was pregnant I was really careful about chemicals etc. I've tried to be careful with baby too. It's hard because there are chemicals in so much!

  2. I totally agree with you on Erig Go Bragh! I loved the movie about him when I was a kid.


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