Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day (again)

We are getting snow here again...which is very rare for us. We've had an unusually dry winter and now the second set of snow for the year. It's crazy! We are definitely an area of the state the shuts down when this kind of weather happens. That meant I got to leave work early and I came home to play. I was actually sitting happily on the couch and my brother wanted someone to take photos of him sledding. Once I went outside I ended up doing a little bit of sledding and then taking pics of the puppies and the ponies. It was fun! 


  1. Pretty Pony in Snow pictures! I am waiting for Spring though. :)

  2. Love snowy pictures! Looks like all of you had fun! Love the pictures of Emi.

  3. Fun! Snow here, too, and cold. Brian will probably alternate snowboarding and warming up all day tomorrow….


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