Saturday, February 22, 2014


Not that this is anything new...but Emi is a superstar. She loaded like a champ today, for her monthly trek to NDF, and unloaded easily too! We explored the barn for a few minutes while Tarra finished getting Mystic ready. Tarra was riding bareback and bridleless, and was going to ride in the arena before ponying Emi around the fields. Almost as soon as we got in to the arena Emi started bouncing around at the end of her lead. She was ready to RUN. We decided it would be smart to just let her go. She ran around quite a bit. Once I put her halter back on she was much more settled. Thankfully she doesn't have that much stamina, so crazy for her is nothing compared to Roz.

I video taped Tarra's ride, and Emi watched them so intently. It was really cute. It was one of those times where you really do wonder what they are thinking. Once Tarra finished, Emi and I practiced trotting in hand, for her horse show in April. She trots with me pretty well, but she was tossing her head and being sassy. I'm hoping that gets better with more practice. She tried cantering and bucking a couple of times but I just turned her in a circle and continued on. She's really very responsive in the halter, and stops when she hits the end of the rope. That makes handling her pretty easy. Next I handed her over to Tarra for them to go outside. She was fairly tired at that point but Mystic didn't mind, since he's a slow poke anyway.

She loaded beautifully for the trip home, but yet again, she was slow to get out at home. I waited her out and after a couple of minutes standing in the trailer she jumped out. Since it was gorgeous and sunny today, she and Roz got to spend the rest of the day out on pasture. They loved it!

Beautiful girl
Bucking at the neighbors dog
Rozzy Ridge was sleepy
He is so darn cute
Sunbathing in February?! We'll take it. 
Life is good


  1. Oh, that last photo is a HOOT! Glad you and the ponies had a good day. We were gone most of today, but I'm going to enjoy the nice weather from the back of my horse tomorrow….

    1. I had no idea the rain was coming back today. I hope you got in a good ride before it started!

  2. Wow, that sun and green grass looks soooo good! The roads were still too icy for me to make it to the barn.

    1. Sad! That's one nice thing about Oregon. It's green most of the year!


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