Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Calm, Straight & Forward

I had lesson #2 tonight. While warming up, RC was discussing important things about starting a young horse. She said the three most important things are that they are calm, straight, and forward. She said that most young horses naturally want to travel with wider hind legs and with their haunches in. To get them straight, you want to ride with a slight shoulder fore. In talking about being forward she said that most all young horses, when you put the leg on their typical reaction is to slow down. At that point, you rely on the ground training you've done using your voice commands to explain what that leg means. I've heard a lot of this before but it's really nice to have a refresher and have it be broken down. I want to go in to this baby starting thing well prepared. She discussed how having these three things in place will make a world of difference through out a horses career.

In terms of riding, we worked on serpentines at the trot, simple changes, and the one loop counter canter. Again it was really nice to break this stuff down and work on riding as accurately as possible. When I was preparing for the counter canter loop RC told me that Fauna does have changes, so she might try to change when I turned her off the rail, or she might try to change at X, heading back towards the rail. We discussed how I need to ride it and what the game plan would be if she did change. As I turned her off the rail I thought for sure we would have an accidental change. But, I sat up and rode her like I know how, and we had no misplaced lead changes. Yah! My main position issue is not sitting up tall enough. RC asked if I work at a computer all day....why yes, yes I do. I've just got to keep working at that. 


  1. Glad you are back in the swing of lessons. :-) They sound like a good time.

    1. Yes! It feels so good. You don't realize how sloppy you have gotten.... :)


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