Friday, March 21, 2014

Equine Expo

I had the pleasure of spending the day at the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo. It's become an annual event and it's fun to check things out each year. The vendors were not as good as I had hoped for, but after making our second pass though, we found the booth we had been searching for. They were selling all english tack and they told us that everything was 50% off. After confirming that the price was 50% off the listed price I started shopping. I found a pair of Kerrits Kombi Fullseat breeches, on sale for $54. How can you beat that? I then got a pair of Kerrits gloves for $15, and bit wipes for $7. I love a good deal!

 At some point I'd like to upgrade my current trailer so I enjoyed drooling over the new trailers. There was a nice three horse Circle J that would look lovely behind our truck. :) 

Happy girls at the Expo

I enjoyed watching two different demonstrations by Chris Cox. That guy is magical with a horse and uses a lot of common sense. He's also very entertaining, and is worth watching if you get a chance. One if his themes for the day was that most people don't have a training issue, they have a riding issue. He told people to go spend money on lessons before they build a fancy barn or buyy a fancy truck and trailer. 

Additionally, we watched a clinic about desensitizing your horse through play. I thought it may have some really good ideas for me with Emi. They clinic horse was a very jumpy mustang. They walked over poles, a tarp, the clinician kicked a big ball around, banged on a metal barrel, and a couple of other things.  Emi is totally fine with both a ball and a tarp and I think we are definitely on the right track. One of his main points was to not make a big deal out of anything because when you do, you just reinforce things being scarey to the horse. 
My two enjoyed an hour out in the morning sunshine. 


  1. Did you try on the Kombi breeches before you bought them? I tried on a pair at a local store and they weren't anything like my other Kerrits breeches, and didn't fit AT ALL.

    1. Yes, I did try them on, and they fit great! I did purchase a size smaller than the other Kerrits I've owned. I've also tried the Sit Tights and did not like the feel of those at all.

  2. I'm so jealous!! I wanted to make it this year. I just had too many fun things going on already this weekend to get to it.


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