Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Goals

February Goals Review

1) Take her on another field trip to NDF for ponying and some work in hand. I think we will leave Roz at home this time and see if her Auntie Tarra will pony her off of Mystic. 

Success. We went on a field trip last weekend and Emi did great. It's definitely easier for me if I only take one horse at a time.

2) I purchased a tarp yesterday and plan to introduce her to it. By the way she plays 
with feed bags and plastic things I don't think it will be an issue. 

Success on the tarp too! This was a super easy one. 

March Goals

1) We definitely have plans for another field trip. Mainly we need to practice for showing in hand. 

2) Put her halter on more frequently, particularly when she's running around.  I watched a video done by Jessica Wisdom, regarding showing in hand. She talked about making sure your horse, especially if you have a filly, was used to whatever show equipment you planned to use. Otherwise you may have a horse that was shaking it's head and pinning its ears. We had lots of head shaking and angry ears while trotting in hand last week. She really hasn't worn her halter that much, so I think it could be good to give her more time to get used to ignoring it moving around on her head. 

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