Saturday, March 8, 2014

Open Farm

We had an open farm today and Emi made a lot of new friends! This has become an annual event for lamb petting, but of course, the horses are a big hit. Roz tolerates the attention and Emi soaks it up! We had over 50 visitors and they got 4 straight hours of new friends. I was so proud of what good ponies they are. I had a few people that went in with the horses, and it's so nice to have two sweet, trustworthy horses. 
"Watcha' doing?"
"A little person!"
Of course we had to see the lambs too!
Saying hi to everyone
Roz got lots of love
Emi loves Erica
Baby Emi was getting tired!
Playing with her tarp again 
"What are you looking at?" 

"We should invite these little horse feeders over all the time." 
Getting her hair braided by a visitor. 


  1. ahh I want to come to the open farm

  2. Oh goodness, Emi is just the cutest little thing. Love your pictures :)

  3. Having an open farm is such a great idea. Yay Emi for being such a good girl and letting the kids pet her like that. She is such a sweetheart.


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