Saturday, March 22, 2014

Practice Makes Better

Although I'm not sure that practice actually makes "perfect" it definitely makes "better." Last month I started practicing trotting in hand with Emi. She was okay but was pretty sassy, tossing her head, putting her ears back etc. Shortly after that I watched a video done by Jessica Wisdom. She talked about making sure your horse is used to what it will be wearing at a show, otherwise it may not like it. I decided I would start turning Emi out in her leather halter so she could get used to the feel of it. Besides that, I've been working her in hand a little bit, here at our house.

Today I loaded her up for a practice session at NDF. She loaded well and off we went. She jumped right out of the trailer at the barn and was pretty chill about the whole thing. We looked around and then headed over to the arena with my friends. I kicked Tarra's big ball around while leading Emi, and then I started trotting her in hand. She was a lot better than last time. She still doesn't really go around with her ears up, but she wasn't nearly as sassy as she was last time and she trotted out much better. I think once she gets in the show ring her ears probably will be up since there will be so much more to look at. At this point I plan to take her up to the barn for one more practice session prior to taking her to the show in about a month. The video below shows the best run from last time, one from today, and then my friend's daughter playing with the big ball. So cute!


  1. She's sassy! I can't believe how quickly she is growing - she's beautiful!

  2. She's a real stunner already!!! I love her sassiness. Dickie still tries to do that when I run w him. It's wonderful you are doing this now. It's a pain in to do with with a giant horse. What a lucky horse!!

    1. Yeah, it's definitely easier having her be smaller!

  3. Definitely better. That last photo is a great moment. She has such a great trot. YOU need to run the stride you want her to have – go fast, big steps!

  4. I love her sassy attitude! :) Great pictures!

  5. She is so cute! She's doing really well with the trotting. I taught Chrome to trot in hand with his head down (instead of up in the air and tossing around like babies love to do) by using clicker training and a target stick. My target stick is a dowel rod with a tennis ball on the end of it. I taught him to target it, then when we trot I hold it out in front of him so he lowers his head. Now he trots perfectly without the target. I'm sure there are other ways to teach it, but I thought I would share what worked for us and it was super fun hehe. I can't wait to read about Emi's first show. You're going to have so much fun!


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