Monday, April 14, 2014

Did It

Emi went on her first tied, divider closed trailer ride...and we survived! Tarra came over to help and I loaded her up with out assistance. I didn't want any help since I'm going to have to be able to load her on my own most of the time. I tied her up and closed the divider. She whinnied and was dancing around in the space. Tarra had Roz and loaded him right up. As soon as he was settled we got in the truck and off we went. I took us on a 15 minute trailer ride around the neighborhood before returning home. They hauled quietly and I never felt them banging around.

Emi whinnied at me as soon as I stopped at home and started talking to her. Tarra grabbed Roz and I went in to get Emi. She was ready to get out but wasn't too anxious. In fact, she pooped for the first time when I was getting her out. Once I untied her I asked her to take a couple steps forward since she had been trying to get out. She stepped up nicely and I gave her a cookie before turning her around to unload. She hopped right out and no one seemed any worse for the wear. I'd consider that a great practice run, and feel more comfortable about her traveling tied to the horse show in a couple of weeks.

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