Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Discipline & Details

It was finally a lesson night! I missed my lesson two weeks ago due to having Mystic to ride, and then the next week my lesson horse was lame. She's improving but was not ready to go tonight, so I rode a different horse. The horse I rode tonight, Millie, was pretty similar to Fauna but had a much nicer canter. I also rode in my first CWD tonight....I think Emi and I might need one. Talk about comfortable! 

Both Millie and Fauna are quite lazy and you really have to require they carry you around, rather than you doing all of the work to keep them going. I was too tentative at first with using the whip as strongly as I needed to. Part way through the lesson I got after her more aggressively and felt her change gears. Since I finally had her in front of my leg, things really started to flow. I've been impressed with how responsive these horses have been in their lateral work. We did some leg yields and Millie was very quick to move off of my leg. They were super easy. 

We discussed and practiced turn on the haunches. What I was envisioning and what she meant were two different things. This is definitely something Roz and I will start playing with. We did some sitting trot work that definitely left my core burning. You don't realize how many muscles it takes to sit well! I also got to do a couple of flying changes. They were both pretty accurate and it was fun. There's always more to work on but I felt good about where we ended up. My main take away from all of this is really that I need to raise my standards and expect/require quality work all of the time. This really just takes me riding a more proactively and staying on top of the details. I've spent too much time riding green horses who I was just happy to get going around with out bucking me off. Haha. Now I've got to work on being more disciplined and start focusing on the details. They make all the difference!

My horses were out in the pasture when I got home and it was almost dark. I headed out to the barn to get them their grain. They grazed while I got it ready and poured it in their buckets. I went out to the pasture to roust them out. I got part way to them and Emi picked her head up and followed me back to her grain. Once I had her contained I went back out to the pasture for Roz. I got with in about 10 feet of him and he stopped eating and started walking towards me. He stopped once to grab another mouthful but kept following me. I was so impressed that they both willingly left the green grass with out me even having to touch them. You've got to love two sweet "puppy dog" ponies. 
Seriously...what's not to love about that face!?


  1. Awww sweet Roz and Emi!! I call Chrome my big puppy dog too hehe.

  2. I have a similar take home from a lot of my lessons - I need to ask more and be more assertive. I agree, while some of it is my personality, a whole lot is from riding greenies and having generally lower expectations. I'm pretty sure this is the first time in my life I'm rding predictable, been there done that horses :)


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