Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lesson #4

Due to horse soundness issues I missed my lesson last week but I was able to pick back up tonight. I rode Millie again and did a better job with her this time around. I got on top of her more quickly and got her in front of my leg, resulting in nicer work throughout the whole lesson. We worked on doing turn on the haunch, leg yields, sitting trot, serpentines, lengthenings, and simple changes. We had a couple of beautiful simple changes. The first one I used too much hand and she almost stopped completely. The next few I just thought trot and used a little half halt for the transition. I feel like I'm having an easier time getting my position in the right spot. I'm still being reminded about my seat, to make sure I'm not tipping my pelvis forward and using a driving seat. It's a subtle change but I can definitely feel the difference. I am also doing a better job of riding more accurately and exactly. It's amazing what a little bit of instruction will do for you!

Towards the end of my lesson the barn owner/other instructor was watching me ride and commented that I was a beautiful rider. It's always nice to get positive feed back! She was somewhat astonished that I had a pony at home who is expected to be 14.3hh. She is a hunter/jumper person and thought that with my beautiful long legs I should be on a horse that was 16.2hh at least. It was pretty funny chat with her and you could tell she just didn't understand why I would want to own a baby welsh cob. I told her I know we wouldn't make a good hunter pair but that she was going to be a great dressage and eventing horse.

When I got home Emi was all sorts of wound up. I think it's just from our stormy weather, and maybe because I was late for dinner. She did settle down but it was strange to see her amped up like that. It's probably good show prep since I have a feeling she might be a bit of a handful. Friday night she gets to go to NDF for a bath and a sleepover prior to loading up at 5am for the show. It's going to be one big learning experience for the baby. I bet she will sleep well Saturday night.

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  1. I miss lessons! They do make a huge difference. Even when we know what we're supposed to be doing it's hard to remember everything, so having that reminder is great.

    That's too funny about the BO not understanding having a pony. Heck if I weren't almost six feet tall I would totally have a pony!!


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