Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: Micklem Bridle

Like so many others, I have been intrigued by the Micklem bridle for a long time. I like the idea behind the design and that someone actually put some thought in to what we are using on our horse. Roz tends to be difficult in the bridle and I felt it was worth a try. I finally bit the bullet and decided to purchase one for him. I started out with a cob sized bridle since he has a pretty refined thorougbred head. It did not fit him at all. The length was good but none of the straps would buckle(under his chin and jaw). I resold that one and moved to a horse size.

My first impression of the new horse sized one (the cob was used), was that the leather was not very nice. It came out stiff and despite continued work the leather is still not breaking in that well. It was also a little bit difficult to fit. I did a lot of adjusting with it. I tried using the bit clips that came with it but I never did find a way to adjust them where I liked them.  Now that I finally have it adjusted it's very easy to put on.

Roz seems to really like this bridle. Since using it, he is much less resistant and is lighter in the bridle.   This is really the easiest he has ever been. Tarra has also noticed that he's looking better. One other interesting thing is that I haven't noticed him scratching his face nearly as much at the end of a ride. I'd say he is definitely happier in this bridle.

As far as how it looks on him, I think it's fine. His cutest look (imo) is his figure eight. But really, when you have a face as cute as his, it doesn't matter what his bridle looks like!


  1. I'm really intrigued in trying one of these on my guy as well. He currently goes in a figure 8, and like you I love the idea and the mechanics behind this bridle. I'm just trying to decide when to finally bite the bullet :)

    I'll be contacting you about some of the gorgeous photos you've taken of Roz and Mystic lately - the show the browbands off really, really well and I'd love to use them in flyers I'm going to be doing :)

  2. He probably wears this bridle better than most horses I've seen! Very cute in it.

  3. You're right, he's cute no matter what bridle he's wearing hehe. I'm glad the new bridle is to his liking. :)


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