Wednesday, April 30, 2014


After attending the welsh show, and learning that there were a couple of things I could/should have clipped/trimmed on Emi, I figured it was time to come back to our clipper issue. I pulled them out Monday night and messed around with them. She's really not scared. She will let me rub them on her neck and back on her body but doesn't like them near her face. Obviously that's not going to work out so well. I'd basically get her to accept them for a moment then remove them and give her a cookie, then repeat.

Tuesday night I put my hand that was holding the clippers on the side of her muzzle and just held it there until she quit tossing her head. She caught on quickly and soon was standing quietly for me to place my hand on her. I felt like that was a good breakthrough and we quit there.

Tonight we built on that and I was able to clip her muzzle fairly easily. Miss Emi is learning that her mother will get her own way. I'm going to give her a few days off from that form of pony torture before I attempt a bridle (halter) path. I know that will have it's own challenges but I'm sure we can do it. I'm definitely thinking I've got one smart little girl.
A clean muzzle


  1. Curious what the rule are for clipping her section of Welsh!


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